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Thermomix TM5 Teardown

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    1. Schritt

    This machine is capable of stirring, mixing, kneading, crushing, weighing, heating, cooking, and steaming.

    2. Schritt

    Next we peel off the cover on the back with our Jimmy.

    3. Schritt

    We treat ourselves to a little appetizer, take the opening tool out of the kitchen drawer, and remove the program selector and motor shaft ring.

    4. Schritt

    After carefully loosening three cable connections inside, we can remove the front—revealing an interesting mechanism behind it.

    5. Schritt

    Each time the mixing bowl cover is locked, a whole choreography of mechanics is triggered:

    6. Schritt

    The next item on the menu is the control panel, which is used for most inputs.

    7. Schritt

    To get to the Thermomix fillet piece, we remove the selector knob encoder, the motor cover, and the 5-pin connector.

    8. Schritt

    The Thermomix is fed with knowledge via the lateral interface with so-called recipe chips.

    9. Schritt

    On the way to the core of the Thermomix, we pass a suspicious, almost empty cable box. That surely has something to do with some kind of DIN standard.

    10. Schritt

    To get the remaining cable giblets out, we once again take advantage of the flexible shaft extension for our precision bit holder.

    11. Schritt — Final thoughts

    The Thermomix is dismantled into its components. We have tasted the TM5, and here's our conclusion:

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