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  • Check it out! Wearing the Rift allows one eye to see the image on the left, while the other eye sees the image on the right. As it turns out, the 3D effect of the Rift is not actually magic, but science!

  • If you look closely, you can see that the left-hand image is framed slightly to the right, and vice versa. Our brains—fantastic computers that they are—note the disparities between the images in each eye, calculate the angles and dimensions, and merge them into a single image with perceptible depth.

  • Prest-o blam-o! 3D rockets flying past our n00b heads.

看吧! 戴着Riff只允许一只眼睛看到左边的图像,而另一只眼睛看到右边的图像。 事实证明,Riff的3D效果实际上并不是魔术,而是科学!

如果你仔细观察,你可以看到左边的图像被轻轻地框到右边,反之亦然。 我们的大脑 - 梦幻般的电脑,它们是 - 注意每个眼睛中的图像之间的差异,计算角度和尺寸,并将它们合并成一个具有可察觉深度的单个图像。

Perst-o blam-o! 3D火箭飞过我们的n00b头。

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