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Carefully remove the inside from the shell.
  • Carefully remove the inside from the shell.

  • Be careful not to touch any of the capacitor leads, or you may receive an electric shock.

  • If the inside sticks to one half of the shell, it's probably due to (a) glue around the edge of the A/C connector, and/or (b) foam glue between the inside and the flat of the shell.

  • Use a heavy duty spudger or other pry tool to pry the edge of the A/C connector from the shell, and carefully pry between the shell and the inside to break the foam glue.

  • Use only ESD-safe pry tools. Do not use metal pry tools or screwdrivers.

  • You may find the metallic sheeting breaks a little; that's okay, but try to minimize the damage!



如果内部粘到外壳的一半,这可能是由于(a)在A / C连接器的边缘周围粘合,和/或(b)泡沫胶在壳体的内部和平面之间

使用重型喷浆器或其他撬刀从外壳撬开A / C连接器的边缘,并仔细地撬起壳体和内部之间以打破泡沫胶。

只能使用ESD安全撬刀。 不要使用金属撬刀或螺丝刀。

你可能会发现金属片断了一点; 没关系,但尽量减少伤害!

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