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Schritt 3
  • Stage 1 cleared! Onward to stage 2: the sand test of DOOM.

  • We sprinkle a pinch of sand over the keyboard, type on the keys for a minute, and ...

  • We don't even have to lift the keycaps off to realize that something is wrong. A few keys have seized up!

  • Prying the keycaps off, we find that grains of sand have invaded through the corner perforations in the membrane and have jammed the butterfly mechanism.

  • Conclusion: the silicone membrane adds a significant degree of ingress resistance, but falls short of being fully bulletproof dustproof.

第1阶段完成! 接下来是第2阶段:沙试之DOOM。


我们甚至不必抬起键帽就能意识到出了问题。 一些键已经卡住了!



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