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Continue to remove the connector bracket.
iPhone 11 Pro Teardown
  • Continue to remove the connector bracket.

  • Disconnect the battery and remove the screen. The lack of the 3D touch layer of iPhone 11 Pro makes the screen slightly slimmer. The newly added bracket protection on the bonding area of the screen also increases the difficulty of screen repair.

  • Unlike iPhone X series, Face ID flex cables of iPhone 11 Pro are no longer trapped under the battery. They are arranged between the battery and the motherboard. Which makes the removal much easier than before


接着断开电池,取下屏幕。 iPhone 11 Pro的屏幕取消了3D模组,屏幕相比之前的机型更薄。同时,底部排线邦定区域新增了铁片保护,无疑增加了屏幕维修的难度。

iPhone 11 Pro Face ID组件的排线没有像X系列那样压在电池下面,而是排列在电池和主板的空隙之间,拆卸更为方便。

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