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Schritt 17
  • Still affixed to the Pixel XL's chassis is the oscillating linear vibration motor—and that's right where we want it, because a little X-ray magic shows it in action.

  • Our esteemed co-conspirators at Creative Electron rigged up this sweet video comparing the Pixel-powered motor with the latest Taptic Engine from the iPhone 7 Plus. Check it out!

依旧粘在Pixel XL底盘上的是一颗线性振动马达——没错,我们就是要重点提一下这个,因为一段X光小视频让我们看到了它是如何工作的。

我们在Creative Electron里靠谱的小伙伴上传了这段小视频,用于对比Pixel的振动马达和iPhone 7 Plus里搭载的最新一代Tapic Engine。大伙来看看吧!

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