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在本文中,你将要学着移除你的电池。如果你的电池无法充电或是电量无法持续数小时,那么你的电池就该换了。有许多公司都提供这台设备(Galaxy Note 8)的电池。在移除电子元件前,你必须先将电池移除,本文会一步步引导你。

  1. 取出S-Pen。
    • 取出S-Pen。

    • 取出SD存储卡。

  2. 使用塑料撬棒,从S-Pen所在的一角插入后盖。
    • 使用塑料撬棒,从S-Pen所在的一角插入后盖。

  3. 使用塑料撬棒,从S-Pen所在的一角翘起后盖,并沿四周移动一圈。
    • 使用塑料撬棒,从S-Pen所在的一角翘起后盖,并沿四周移动一圈。

    • 每隔2cm就会有一个塑料卡扣,当打开后盖时你应该听到卡扣脱落的声音

  4. 移除八个用于固定电池的 3 毫米螺丝。 移除八个用于固定电池的 3 毫米螺丝。
    • 移除八个用于固定电池的 3 毫米螺丝。

  5. 从左上角抬起电池。
    • 从左上角抬起电池。

  6. 轻轻地移除右下角的白色排线。这条排线通过红蓝各两条线连接着电池。
    • 轻轻地移除右下角的白色排线。这条排线通过红蓝各两条线连接着电池。

    • 千万不要猛然拉动排线。如果它不容易被移除,请用塑料拨片在缝隙滑动来将排线移除。



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Please help on the connector wire connections coz mine snapped and i dont know which which is supposed to be in place.. Will be waiting.. Thanks..

Narz Ferrariz - Antwort

Even me, 65 blond, woman made it thanks to your good guide. Thank you!!

elisabethbengzon - Antwort

This was a great help! I was able to replace my son's battery in 10 mins. I purchased the battery from eBay for only $8. Saved me a lot of money.

orchidsinjune0511 - Antwort

My Note would not turn on at all even though it was fully charged. Did not think it was on/off button so I followed the instructions for the Bios (reboot). Thought about it and had a program that was being fussy about turning off maybe causing an overload. These are very easy instructions to follow and better yet, it worked! My Note turned on and all is good with my world again. Learned that I really need to back up everything I have on my note. I reviewed all the instructions for the replacing of various parts and have to say the parts prices are more than reasonable. Thank you very much for having these instructions available to us novices.

Marcia Strickland - Antwort

I just wanna say thanks, the instructions were easy to follow. I'm left-handed so I had to turn my tablet in opposite directions to get the job done. I was very nervous messing with computer parts. Thanks again.

patricia Gibson - Antwort

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