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无论是在冬天柴火的周围或者在城市喝着咖啡时,您不希望您最喜欢的裤子上出现坏掉的扣子。 在本指南和锤子的帮助下,您可以让您的裤子或牛仔裤几分钟之内焕然一新。




  1. 将牛仔裤正面平放在您的桌子或者工作台上。 拉开裆部拉链,露出失去纽扣的孔。 抓住腰带孔,将其翻转过来,这样您就可以看到丢失纽扣孔的背面。
    • 将牛仔裤正面平放在您的桌子或者工作台上。

    • 拉开裆部拉链,露出失去纽扣的孔。

    • 抓住腰带孔,将其翻转过来,这样您就可以看到丢失纽扣孔的背面。

    • 在安装新的纽扣时请确保已经完全将旧的纽扣移走了。

  2. 在孔中插入钉子。 按压钉子使其穿过孔中。 如果孔太大了,你可以在没有坏掉的地方弄一个新的孔,尽量靠近现有的孔。 然后推动其让其穿过新的洞。
    • 在孔中插入钉子。

    • 按压钉子使其穿过孔中。

    • 如果孔太大了,你可以在没有坏掉的地方弄一个新的孔,尽量靠近现有的孔。 然后推动其让其穿过新的洞。

  3. 将扣子从后面拿着,将按纽扣在钉子的顶部。 将扣子从后面拿着,将按纽扣在钉子的顶部。 将扣子从后面拿着,将按纽扣在钉子的顶部。
    • 将扣子从后面拿着,将按纽扣在钉子的顶部。

  4. 牛仔裤的前后之间放置一个柔软的面板,像一片木头或者切割垫 确保使用一个小(一磅)的锤子来防止锤子破坏纽扣。 将纽扣锤到钉子上,直接向下锤。
    • 牛仔裤的前后之间放置一个柔软的面板,像一片木头或者切割垫

    • 确保使用一个小(一磅)的锤子来防止锤子破坏纽扣。

    • 将纽扣锤到钉子上,直接向下锤。

    • 如果您在敲击时用手指按住纽扣不太舒服,可以使用钳子将纽扣固定到位。

  5. 扣上去试一下新的纽扣已经固定牢靠。
    • 扣上去试一下新的纽扣已经固定牢靠。


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Brittany McCrigler

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Nice, but let's consider how this situation occurs. The tack comes out of its hole, just simply replacing it is not realistic, unless the new tack is significantly bigger. So how do you "repair" the hole such that it will hold a tack again?

Gabe Misura - Antwort

As noted in step 2, you can move the tack over to where the denim isn't damaged. If that will cause the jeans not to fit properly, you can sew a folded piece of denim behind the hole (sew around the edges on the inside of the jeans) and punch the tack through the new piece.

Brittany McCrigler -

I didn´t have a new button and was in a pinch. Just ripped the old button off completely, jammed it in the tail end of a hammer and yanked it apart with som pliers. Then i followed the instructions in this fix. Worked like a charm, so far...

fredrikbendiksen - Antwort

The best thing to do is patch the hole. I simply use fabric glue and some pieces of blue jeans that you probably have hanging around. Trim off the extra threads and then apply fabric glue to the back of the waist band covering the hole made by the old button. Do the same on the front and then let dry. about 30 minutes or so, if you have a machine I always stitch back and for on the edges. Trim any edges or use additional glue to tack them down. Now because you have strengthened the hole carefully push the back of the button through where you can see the end, add the front to the nail end and turning the garment face down on a protected hard surface hammer about 3 times and check to see if it is sturdy, continue to hammer until you have reached the objective. Now you have got many more years with that button.

melanie1150 - Antwort

Can I reuse the old button and tack by hammering them together after I’ve inserted them into the old hole?

Pat Mirza - Antwort

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