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  1. Prop up your hood.
    • Prop up your hood.

    • Make sure you prop your hood up with your hood prop rod.

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  2. Locate the back of the headlight you plan to replace the bulb in.
    • Locate the back of the headlight you plan to replace the bulb in.

      • This will be directly behind the headlight assembly.

    • If you are replacing your left headlight, you may need to remove the battery to have enough room to do this replacement.

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    • Disconnect the headlight.

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    • Remove the rubber cover by pulling on the tab marked "Pull Top" away from you.

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    • Release the bulb by pushing the metal fastener inward and then moving it upwards.

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    • Remove the bulb.

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    • Insert the new bulb. Make sure the metal tabs fit correctly.

    • I've read that touching the glass on the bulb can shorten the life of the bulb, so try not to do that.

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To finish your headlight bulb replacement, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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The 2000 and 2001 Camry models take 9006 (HB4) bulbs for the low beams and 9005 (HB3) bulbs for the high beams, rather than the 9003 (HB2) linked here -- at least for the North American models I've looked up.

If you have the original owner's manual that came with the car, there's a table of all the bulb types you'll need for different lights in the "Do-It-Yourself Maintenance" section. It doesn't hurt to double check.

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