Use this guide to replace a head light in your '98-'02 Honda Accord.


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  1. Pull on the hood release lever just inside the passenger door to pop the hood.
    • Pull on the hood release lever just inside the passenger door to pop the hood.

    • Locate the hood release latch under the hood. Use one hand to press up on the latch while you lift the hood.

    • Insert the hood prop rod into the hole in the hood marked with an arrow.

    Como puedo resolver que las luces permanentes traseras y la pizarra no encienden todas las demás prenden

    Yoan - Antwort

    También se prenden solas todas las luces

    Yoan - Antwort

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  3. Locate the head light bulbs and connectors directly behind the headlights and on either side of the engine bay.
    • Locate the head light bulbs and connectors directly behind the headlights and on either side of the engine bay.

    • Detach the head light connectors by pushing on the lever on the top of the connector and pulling it straight down.

      • If needed, you can disconnect the air intake (next to the battery) to get some extra wiggle room in order to detach the head light connector on the passenger side. If you remove the air intake, be sure to plug both sides with a clean, lint-free cloth so that nothing gets inside while you work.

    Sometimes the connector can be very tight and cannot be pulled off by hand, especially in such tight spot. One could push on alternate sides with a flat blade screwdriver gently to ease it off.

    atl7417 - Antwort

    The passenger side low beam bulb was extremely difficult to remove, owing to very little space to work in. Then I realized that the air intake could be rotated and pulled out. It was easier than removing the battery. After that it was very simple. I found it easier to first unscrew the bulb assembly, and then detach the connectors.


    Barry - Antwort

    • Turn the head light bulb counterclockwise and pull it straight back to remove it.

    E pisca? Não consigo

    Ricardo Fragoso - Antwort


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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I change both bulbs and still high beam don't work what else can be wrong

stankopetek - Antwort

Thanks Barry! It is really saved lot of time. Taking air take plastic tube is the trick. I was able replace passenger side head light bulb. Thanks

gc - Antwort

This site has helped me soooo very much!! I can't thank you enough!!!!

Tina - Antwort

Nobody can replace the headlight for my 1999 Honda Accord (low beam). Everyone says the 9006 is supposed to fit the socket. The socket is fine; the connector for the new bulb is covered by a plastic sheath, which the old bulb doesn't have. Should I go to a dealer for this part?

Art Brymer - Antwort

Did you end up with a solution I'm having a similar issue

Samantha Rivera -

Bulb was out on left side 2001 accord. Decided to replace both bulbs but the receptacle on the right was different. It was set up to receive 2 small tabs instead of the 1 tab on the left side which received the 9006 bulb perfectly. I have never seen this before. Has anyone else had this happen?

Dennis - Antwort

Worked for me "Champion 9006" on drivers side on a 1999 Honda Accord EX. Thank you!

jadelise - Antwort

Hi i have an honda accord v6 2002 ex model and I would like to replace my halogen bulbs with GOD xenon bulbs but I am not aware of the model number and the ballast required for the bulbs.

vemula - Antwort

Well The passenger side headlight has the Coolant tank and battery and other things in the way that make it nearly impossible to reach. Then, the light socket doesn’t twist out very easily..in fact I can’t even budge it…needs some kind of release fluid or something. It won’t turn at all. Any suggestions would help.

G Bonner - Antwort

passenger side hood release? really,,,lol

saranojean - Antwort

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