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One way to reset tire pressure alarm, not provided in the owners manual.



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    • Use a calibrated tire pressure gauge, typically one with a reset button, or a digital one, and measure the pressure of all four tires.

    • On the driver side door, there will be a sticker with the suggested tire pressure, mine was 35 psi, yours might be different.

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    • Using a compressor add air to the tires as required. NOTE: all four tires should be at the same pressure. Also, final pressure measurements should be with the tires at ambient temperature.

    • Once you have determined the pressure in each tire is correct, replace the valve stem caps. When you get in the car and start it the alarm will still be on. Drive a few miles, and it should clear on its own.

    • This automatic clearing is NOT mentioned in the manual, and was not provided by the local Ford dealer. I found this by accident when I completed the above procedure.

    • If you have to replace a tire, and/or a Tire Pressure Sensor, there is a much more complicated procedure that is required. This procedure also requires the use of a TPS reset/Learning tool. The details for this procedure are available on the WEB.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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