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  1. 滑动钥匙背面的钥匙解锁开关。
    • 滑动钥匙背面的钥匙解锁开关。

  2. 从汽车钥匙上取下金属启动钥匙。
    • 从汽车钥匙上取下金属启动钥匙。

  3. 将福特FORD的标志向上,把点火钥匙插入左侧的凹槽中
    • 将福特FORD的标志向上,把点火钥匙插入左侧的凹槽中

  4. 轻轻地卸下钥匙的后盖 轻轻地卸下钥匙的后盖
    • 轻轻地卸下钥匙的后盖

  5. 用点火钥匙卸下旧的电池 用点火钥匙卸下旧的电池
    • 用点火钥匙卸下旧的电池

    I cannot get the back cover off

    Kitty Wolf - Antwort

  6. 把新的电池镶嵌进去,”+“面向下,”-“面向下。
    • 把新的电池镶嵌进去,”+“面向下,”-“面向下。



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16 Kommentare

Good job. The training aid was clear and lacked nothing. Even had the battery type and a buy function which is a nice touch.

Colonel nom de guerre - Antwort

How can you find a replacement ignition key? I have the fob, but the ignition key is nowhere to be found, didn't notice it missing on our spare from the dealer until recently.

RU 1979 - Antwort

You have to pay for the key it doesn't come with it

datingsas -

Excellent guide, Thanks for the details

Mihael Patrick - Antwort

Thanks for the help! Glad I just happened to have a battery and easy to follow instructions.

dingdong406 - Antwort

Easy Cheesy Lemon Squeezy! Thanks for the assist!

Joseph Kuperberg - Antwort

Nice tutorial! Here’s a good link if you have other Escape year models: https://fobbattery.com/vehicles/ford/esc...

Scott - Antwort

super easy. Clear simple guide. Took me less than a minute!

dobos_b51 - Antwort

That was easy! Thank you for the pictures and the easy to follow instructions!!

rocky752 - Antwort

Thank you so so much! I have a 2014 ford escape and at the worst time ever, it decided to alert me my fob battery was low. (C’mon life!) Worst time ever: 2 ER visits in a month and my hands are numb and tingling and difficult to use! I just completed your excellent guide and the task is DONE and I don’t have to bother my husband! I buy my button cell batts on ebay in bulk….great prices there. Thank you so much!! If I can do it with my issues, anyone can!

Tiffany Nelson - Antwort

I’m glad I found this help. I would not have realized to remove the metal key first. Thanks.

Cathy Hawn - Antwort

The photo and description in steps 3 and 4 are misleading. Prying the notch as shown breaks the back cover sub assembly (Ford logo) instead of causing the back cover sub assembly to detach from the main fob body.

I found it easier to use my fingernail to pry around the joint between the back cover sub assembly and the main body to open the fob.

Mark - Antwort

Once battery is replaced and the fob is closed, is there any (re)programming that needs to occur to sync the fob with the car?

Paula Haenchen - Antwort

Easy Peasy, Thank you!

Leslie Gaynor - Antwort

For some reason I can’t get the cover to snap back together? The little “unlock button” you slide down to take apart the remote is down and won’t slide up to lock it together?

lindasscott1 - Antwort

Did all this and does not restart at all lights don’t go on and trunk don’t open

Vicenta - Antwort

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