This guide will show you how to replace the screen on a Asus N550JK-DS71T laptop.

  1. Turn the laptop off and unplug all cables.
    • Turn the laptop off and unplug all cables.

    • Flip over so the bottom is facing you.

    • Remove the ten 3mm Torx T5 screws from the bottom cover.

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  2. Use a spudger to wedge between the laptop and bottom cover—lift upwards to pry open.
    • Use a spudger to wedge between the laptop and bottom cover—lift upwards to pry open.

    • Run the spudger along the perimeter of the bottom cover to remove.

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    • Remove the three 4mm JIS #0 screws from the battery.

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    • Using both hands, lift the battery vertically out of the device.

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    • Flip the laptop over with the keyboard facing up.

    • Carefully use the metal spudger to pry both ends of the grey hinge cap.

      • The grey hinge cap may break if not removed carefully.

    • Lift the grey hinge cap to remove.

    I found it easier to first remove the lid, then pry off the cap from the back.

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    WARNING: Do not do it as shown on the picture!

    The gray hinge cap should be left in place until you have removed the display assembly. Then you can easily slide it to the side to remove it.

    Tinker Dave - Antwort

    • Remove the eight black 4mm Phillips #1 screws holding display to laptop base.

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    • Lift the tab on the thick black wire to disconnect the display connector.

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    • Remove the thin black and white wire connectors from the Wi-Fi card.

    • The white wire should be above the black wire.

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    • Open then close the laptop to separate the metal hinges between display and base.

    • Open the laptop again then gently remove the base of the laptop from the display.

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    • Remove the two 4mm black Phillips #0 screws from the bottom of the display.

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    • Slide the Spudger down along the edge display.

    • WARNING: Do not pull up as mentioned in this picture! This will destroy the mountings!

    WARNING: Do not do as shown in the picture!

    Slide the display downwards to remove it! Otherwise the mountings will break off.

    Tinker Dave - Antwort

    • Lift the screen from the display to remove.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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