1. Using the plastic opening tools, insert it into the edge and pry open.
    • Using the plastic opening tools, insert it into the edge and pry open.

    • Use hands to help pull the back off from the front if needed.

  2. Locate 4600mAh Battery
    • Locate 4600mAh Battery

    • Locate (+) and (-) battery terminals

      • Trace black, white, red, and yellow wires to connection on motherboard

    • Remove protective plastic cover with tweezers

    • Disconnect connect ribbon by gently pulling with fingers

    • Ensure the ribbon does not touch metallic items (This may short out battery and cause an explosion)

    • Remove (4) screws

    • Gently pry battery off glued surface

      • Use of a plastic opening tools and a spudger are necessary


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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where can i find a battery for that station pls?

francidorio - Antwort

Hello dear. Thanks for the tutorial on how to change the Padfone X tablet battery.

I have the Padfone x station without the cell phone because unfortunately my students have stolen it from me in the classroom while attending a mother (in Cordoba, Argentina).

I would like to know, then, if I could adapt an Asus cell phone model by changing the slot in the cell phone and / or in the tablet station in the back where both devices are embedded, so, what kind of spare parts should buy, and with which name to ask.

Since a thousand and one thanks. Best regards from Cordoba, Argentina.


calejanmm - Antwort

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