This is a guide that shows you how to replace the fan for a ASUS X552LAV-BBI5N08 laptop.

  1. Battery is not showed in pictures.
    • Battery is not showed in pictures.

    • Flip the laptop face down.

  2. Slide the right button to the left.
    • Slide the right button to the left.

    • Hold the left button to the right.

    • While you hold the left button in position, slide the battery out by pushing it away from you.

    • Locate the bottom panel. It is at the opposite end of the battery.

    • Remove the two 12mm screws at the bottom panel with a Tri-wing Y1 screwdriver.

    • Remove bottom panel by lifting it up.

    • Remove the four 5.5mm screws located on the hard drive case using a Tri-wing Y1 screwdriver.

    • Slide the hard drive out to the left.

    • Use opening tool to split keyboard from base of the laptop.

    • Make sure to start from one end and go around the edges.

    • Use Tri-wing Y1 screwdriver to remove two 12mm screws from battery area.

    • Flip laptop to sit on its bottom.

    • Lift keyboard up by the front edge

    • Flip up the small locking flap for the two ZIF connectors.

    • Unplug connectors that are keeping keyboard connected

    • Flip up the locking flap for the ZIF connector.

    • Unplug the connector that is keeping the keyboard connected.

    • Remove keyboard from laptop.

    • Remove the five 4mm screws (with a Tri-wing Y1 screwdriver) that are both connecting the fan and motherboard.

    • Pull out WiFi from below the cooling fan by lifting the edge nearest to the fan and sliding it towards the fan.

    • Lift yellow ZIF connector from the top of the motherboard to remove the connector.

    • Lift up motherboard from bottom edge towards the screen.

    • Unplug the two bundled cable connector from pin sockets below the fan.

    • Remove the motherboard and place on a flat surface.

    • Remove four 4mm screws with a Tri-wing Y1 screwdriver from the CPU.

    • Disconnect bundled cable connector from the motherboard

    • Remove fan part from the motherboard.

    • Remove the black tape from the top of the fan radiator.

    • Remove radiator by tilting it down and pulling it out from the fan.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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