If your battery is not holding a charge, you can use this guide to replace it. Before beginning to replace the battery in this device, there are a few precautions to consider. One of those precautions would be to ground yourself to prevent frying the internal components. Another precaution would be to label and organize your small parts and screws to avoid misplacing important components. Happy fixing!

Use the plastic tool to pry between the silver bezel and the back case
  • Use the plastic tool to pry between the silver bezel and the back case

  • Work the tool around the device to free the back case

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Remove the ribbon cables by lifting up the white retaining flap on the ZIF connectors, then pulling the ribbon cable away.
  • Remove the ribbon cables by lifting up the white retaining flap on the ZIF connectors, then pulling the ribbon cable away.

  • Do not kink the ribbon cables as they can break easily

I removed both ribbon ends on the ASUS-labelled ends of the cable. FWIW, one of my connector lock tabs is white & the other is black.

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  • Remove the battery connector by prying it up away from the device using 2 plastic pry tools

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  • Remove all 9 of the 1.5mm #00 Philips screws

  • Gently lift the battery out of the device

The tray only provides a mounting location for the battery which is securely stuck to the tray with foam tape. Pry them gently apart. I reinstalled my tray & screws, then reconnected the power cable and finally placed the battery into the tray. The clone battery is physically smaller than the original and the power cable isn’t in quite the same place but it does fit.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Thanks for this tutorial. Any chance anybody knows the part number for the battery and a good source?

danpobrien - Reply

Yes, A good tutorial but part number for the battery would be useful

celdor - Reply

Doh! its in the pictures its a C11Pn9H should have spotted that.

celdor -

The original battery says” Rating 3.8v 15.2 Wh” and “Capacity 4000mAh(TYP) 3984mAh(MIN)”

Clone batteries may be lower. Wish I’d bought a “factory battery”

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Tutorial was perfect, much easier than I thought. Unfortunately swapping the battery did not fix my tablet, but I feel a lot more confident now to try fixing things like this first instead of just automatically throwing them away. Thanks!

cdclemons - Reply

I completed the battery swap as per these instructions. Now I’m trying to get past the issue the battery will not charge. The device will not turn on. When I plug the Asus-branded cable & charger into the Type C socket, the screen displays an “empty battery” symbol followed by the green “battery question mark” symbol. I understand this means the battery is unrecognized and am trying to resolve this problem. Any helpful hints please?

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Good guide. I just swapped mines battery.

I googled the part # and grabbed a replacement off amazon, 300mAh less than the old but thats not so bad; voltages match.

My replacement battery didn’t come with a tray so i peeled it off the old one, the adhesive is pretty strong. I stuck a plastic ruler in there to get the battery off; bent the tray, but its easy enough to rebend back into shape. The battery i got is a bit smaller (5 or 6 mm than the old one), in order to get the power cables properly lined up i had to slightly off set it in the tray from where the old one sat.

One of the battery tray screws has a little sticker covering it that says “seal”. I guess thats a warranty thing. Also the screws are tine and real easy to lose, mine went back together with 8 screws :p

also take out your sd card before pulling it apart.

I got a question mark on the battery charge indicator when i first plugged it in with the new battery, started just fine. Reports as 0% charged at first.

Lwyll - Reply

well, i guess the battery i got was dead. and the charge port needed to be fixed…ugh

Lwyll -

The retaining flaps on the orange ribbon cable were black, not white, on my device which irritated me and while trying to get it out, I accidentally pulled the orange cable from underneath the child board.

Martin Rosenkranz - Reply

I found batteries at ALI Express. They seem to be an OEM supplier. 4000mah 3.8 volt pn: c11p427 US $ 7.01 + $4.11 shipping. It also has the 9 retaining screws.

Gordon Matthews - Reply

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