Make sure to remove the battery first to avoid any incidents.


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Turn the laptop over.
  • Turn the laptop over.

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"Unlock" your battery by moving the switch as shown so that an unlocked lock on a red background is shown.
  • "Unlock" your battery by moving the switch as shown so that an unlocked lock on a red background is shown.

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  • Next move the other switch, while the unlocked symbol is still showing. The battery should pop up, and no longer be flush with the bottom of the laptop.

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  • Now remove the battery by lifting it out of the laptop by the side closest to the switches.

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  • You have successfully removed the battery. Congratulations!

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  • Now, locate the two screws that hold the back cover panel onto the laptop.

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  • Unscrew both of the screws that are holding the back panel in place with the Philips #00 head.

  • The screws are 3/8" in length and have a 1/4" head.

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  • Once both screws have been removed use a plastic opening tool to lift the panel up. Starting with the indented notch , and moving left and right from there.

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  • After the panel has been loosened by the plastic opening tool, take your finger, place it in the gap, and remove the panel from the laptop.

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  • Now, locate the RAM.

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  • Locate the two metal pieces on both sides of the RAM that are holding it in place.

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  • Pull the tabs apart to remove the RAM.

  • The RAM will pop up once they are pried open.

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  • Carefully slide the RAM out of the compartment.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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which bus-ram acer 5253 can use? i know it use bus 1066 but i don't know with bus 1666 how is machine active?

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