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  1. Use spudger to gently pry off open middle cover.
    • Use spudger to gently pry off open middle cover.

    • Then flip the middle cover over onto the keyboard.

  2. Use tweezers to detach the cable from the volume button board on the middle cover.
    • Use tweezers to detach the cable from the volume button board on the middle cover.

    • Finally remove the middle cover completely from the computer.

    • These latches must be released in order for the keyboard to be removed.

    • Using a spudger, pry the keyboard from the PC, gently.

    • Lift the keyboard and flip it over, so that it rests on its keys.

    • Using your hands, open the latch holding the wire in place, and remove the keyboard.

    • Turn the laptop off and remove the power cord.

    • Press in the SD Card or the SD Card Dummy if no SD Card is there. Remove card when it pops out.

    • Flip the laptop over on its face, so that the back is showing.

    • Put grounding strap on one of your wrists and attach the other end to a large metal object (recommended method).

    • If you don't have a grounding strap an alternative approach is to touch a metal object that is either large or connected to the earth. Then avoid doing things that would accumulate static electricity on your body.

    • Touching the internals of your device while you aren't grounded could destroy your laptop.

    • Unlock the battery by flipping a switch near the release latch.

    • Slide the release latch. This will release the battery from the PC.

    • Using your hands, pry the battery free of the computer.

    • Unscrew the 2 captive screws and 3 M2.5 x L8 screws holding back cover in place.

    • Use spudger to pry open the back panel.

    • Then lift panel off of the computer.

    • The remove the one M2 x L4 screw that secures the hard drive in place.

    • Screw not shown in picture

    • Using a spudger or your hands slide hard drive out of and away from its connector.

    • Lift the hard drive out of the computer.

    • Disconnect the black and white antenna cables from the module.

    • Cables not shown.

    • Remove one M2 x L4 screw, which is securing the WLAN Module.

    • Carefully remove the module from the system, using plastic opening tools.

    • Retrieve the WLAN antenna wire from underneath the keyboard.

    • Detach the LCD cable from the main board.

    • Remove 2 M2.5 x L8 screws, using your Philips Head.

    • Remove 2 M2.5 x L10 from the front side of the PC.

    • Lift the screen away from the Main board of the PC.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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