If your hard drive is full, your looking to upgrade, or your previous one is broken, this guide will help you to replace the old hard drive with a new one.

Warning: Static electric shocks may damage a good hard drive, or other components in the laptop. Ground yourself to the laptop by touching any metal interior part, besides electrical connections, or wear an anti-static device (preferred) before removing or adding computer parts.


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Shut down the laptop.
  • Shut down the laptop.

  • Remove the power charging cord from the laptop

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Flip the laptop over, and find the battery compartment.
  • Flip the laptop over, and find the battery compartment.

  • Use the screwdriver to move the orange slider located just below the battery compartment to the right.

  • Do not touch the battery connectors on the battery or laptop.

  • Lift the battery up and remove from the compartment.

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  • Locate the T-shaped panel on the back of the laptop.

  • Using the screwdriver, remove the 9 screws in this panel. Screw size: 5.5X8mm

  • Gently lift the panel up from the open slot, use the opening tools as necessary, to free the panel from the laptop.

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  • Locate the main hard drive compartment on the bottom left side of the laptop.

  • Remove the two screws holding the hard drive sled in place.

  • While grounding yourself, gently pull the black tag straight back, not up, to free the hard drive.

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  • Locate the four screws holding the hard drive to the sled. Screw Size: 2X4mm

  • Using the screwdriver, remove the four screws.

  • Carefully remove the hard drive. A new one may now be installed.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Please pardon my inquiry. Is the same replacement can be done to Acer Aspire V3-572P-540V? Any reply will be appreciated.

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