How to disassemble and remove the Mother / Main Board.



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Turn off the laptop and remove the battery.
  • Turn off the laptop and remove the battery.

  • Remove two screws securing the Keyboard.

  • The Keyboard is held by two locking clips, under the battery. Use the sharp tip of a plastic tool to release the keyboard.

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Remove the Keyboard and disconnect the two flex cables:

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  • Remove the screw securing the Optical drive and gently press the drive to show slightly as at the second pic.

  • Slide the drive to the left and remove it.

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  • Remove 4x phillips screws and disconnect:

  • Power On button flex cable

  • Touch pad flex cable

  • Remove 18x Phillips screws from the bottom cover.

  • Remove any memory SD Card from the Card reader.

  • Start opening with a plastic opening tool.

After removing the 18x Phillips screws, the laptop is VERY fragile in the hinge area. The bottom cover will easily crack or break in the hinge area when opening the laptop with no screws, particularly the left side near the power button. Possibly this step should be revised to recommend opening the laptop 90 degrees before removing the 18x screws. Or, advise extreme caution when opening the laptop with no screws.

jonnyquest - Antwort

Hi, do you know where buy screws that you mention in step 4? “Remove 18x Phillips screws from the bottom cover.”

I am italian. Thank you anyway.

Sara Caruso - Antwort

  • Carefully separate the upper cover and remove it.

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  • Remove one Phillips screw, securing th WLan card and disconnect the two coaxial antenna cables.

  • Remove the Wi-Fi card.

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  • Remove the Memory Cover.

  • Disconnect the Loudspeaker cable connector.

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  • Remove two Phillips screw from the Mother board and from the Optical drive SATA adapter.

  • Disconnect the LCD Display flex cable.

  • Disconnect the DC Jack cable.

  • Carefully remove the Optical drive SATA adapter.

  • We will disconnect the battery cable when we pick up the board.

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  • Carefully pick up the Mother board and disconnect the Battery cable.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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