Acer Aspire - V5-572, V5-572G

Follow this guide if you want to change / upgrade your HDD (Hard Disk Drive) or install SSD (Solid State Drive).


  1. Switch-off the Laptop.
    • Switch-off the Laptop.

    • Remove 17x Philips screws.

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  2. Start opening from the SD Memory Card hole
    • Start opening from the SD Memory Card hole

    • Use plastic tools to avoid damaging the cover.

    Love the tutorial man...but this is the most moronic thing I've ever seen...you can take batery out of laptop 15 years old in a flash, while here you have to disassemble the whole %#*@ laptop...only idiots can come up with something like that

    razbojnikkuro - Antwort

    • Before doing anything, disconnect the battery.

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    • Disconnect the SATA Cable from the Mother Board.

    • Take out the HDD and remove the SATA cable from it.

    • Now you can change / upgrade your HDD.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Thank you very much for the tutorial, it was a 12 minute job ☺️And extremely pleased with the new ssd its incredible

Best Regards

Luckystyx - Antwort

Thank you so much for the extremely easy tutorial and it definitely only took 2 minutes longer (12 minutes)

Your site is invaluable, Keep up the great work and all that you do,

5 star rating for you guys..

Kindest Regards


Luckystyx - Antwort

So the original hdd came in with the win 7 and it was later upgraded to win 10 for free. If i change it to ssd would i be able to get on it my original copy of win 7 and will it upgrade to win 10?

ashmir - Antwort

ashmir, you just clone your HDD with a free software such as Macrium Reflect and don’t need to worry about installing everything from zero!!!

Miguel Rodríguez - Antwort

Thank you for the tutorial.

But need a clarification. If i have a faulty hard disc it starts up but it freezes after 20 minutes.

Is it still possible to clone it.

Also if i change the hard drive do I need to install any software or the bios all over again.

Your inputs will be appreciated.

olatunji.jimoh - Antwort

I haven’t had much luck cloning hard drives that already showed signs of failure, but it costs nothing to try. Download something like Macrium Reflect (free version) and plug the new drive into an external enclosure, and see if it will clone successfully.

Jeff Suovanen -

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