Have you ever been in a classroom and your phone suddenly starts belting the whimsical chimes of your ringtone? The first instinct is to reach into your pocket more quickly then you have ever done before and hit the volume control button to silence it, hopefully sparing yourself from a fierce look of disappointment from your professor. Without a functioning button you would have certainly felt the full fury of this glare. The volume control button on all phones is a component in which every user should trust to be functioning properly. This guide will provide users with information to access and replace the volume control buttons in the case of a malfunction button.

  1. This will be an opening with enough space to insert the flat head of the plastic opening tool.
    • This will be an opening with enough space to insert the flat head of the plastic opening tool.

    • It will be located on the bottom right of the phone

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  2. Rotate the pry tool 90 degrees until the panel lifts up.
    • Rotate the pry tool 90 degrees until the panel lifts up.

    • With your thumb nail, lift the rest of the panel up around the perimeter of the phone.

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    • This is the battery for the Alcatel One Touch Evolve. Look for this component when the back panel has been removed.

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    • Place finger in the tab on the top right corner of the battery indicated by a black arrow. With slight pressure, push battery down and out of the slot until the battery is removed

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    • There will be eight 4.5mm screws that fit your Phillips head PH00 screwdriver notated by the red circles in the image.

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    • Unscrew each screw, counter-clockwise (left), until each one has been removed.

    • If necessary, use tweezers to fully remove the screws from the device.

    • Remove battery before lifting off the panel.

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    • Access the small pry tool in the tool kit

    • Place flat head in the crease between the phone and panel where the matte finish meets the shiny finish of the front of the phone.

    • Rotate the pry tool 90 degrees until part of the panel lifts up

    • All areas need to be fully risen off before the panel can be removed.

    • Do not use the opening tool to pry open the device near the power button or near the volume button.

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    • This will be located in the top right of the back side of the secondary panel and will be clear in color.

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    • Using the smaller pry tool, place the flat head on the area of the button exposed to the exterior, and push with slight pressure until the button is inside the secondary panel.

    • Using the tweezers, lift the clear rubber extensions of the volume buttons out of their tabs located inside the secondary panel.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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