This guide demonstrates how to remove the keyboard from an Alienware M18x Laptop.


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  1. Turn the computer over.
    • Turn the computer over.

    • Slide the battery latch over and lift the battery out.

  2. Unscrew the four indicated screws with a J000 screwdriver.
    • Unscrew the four indicated screws with a J000 screwdriver.

    • Use the plastic pryer tool to lift the bottom cover off.

    • Remove the two indicated screws with the J000 screwdriver.

    • Turn the laptop right-side up, and open the laptop.

    • Use the plastic pryer tool to loosen the flat piece surrounding the keys by gently prying it upwards from the laptop's base.

    • Make sure to go around the entire perimeter of the piece to loosen all areas of it.

    • The piece is now free from its fastenings to the base of the laptop, and can be lifted off.

    • This piece is still connected to the laptop via power cable. Be sure not to lift it off too far or with too much force, as doing so could potentially rip or damage the cables.

    • Gently remove the power cable with your hands or with the help of a prying tool.

    • The keyboard's fastening screws are now exposed and can be removed with a J000 screwdriver.

    • As before, the keyboard is now unfastened but still connected to the base via cables.

    • Flip the keyboard over towards the edge of the laptop to expose the locations of the connectors. Avoid tugging on the cables when you do this.

    • Locate and remove the first connector cable.

    • Use a prying tool to assist in unplugging the cable.

    • Locate and remove the second connector cable.

    • Again, use a prying tool to help remove.

    • The left section of the keyboard is connected by a single screw and two connector cables.

    • Remove the screw with a J000 screwdriver.

    • Remove the connecting cables with a prying bar.

    • All sections of the keyboard are now free to be taken off and replaced!


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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