How to remove and replace the monitor on the Apple Powerbook 5300


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Position the Powerbook towards you with the monitor closed.
  • Position the Powerbook towards you with the monitor closed.

  • Press the battery removal latch located on the right side of the front panel.

  • Gently slide the battery out.

  • The keyboard, front pane, and hard drive are connected to the laptop's logic board via a ribbon cable. Lift up slowly on each component with one hand and disconnect the ribbons from their ports on the logic board.

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Turn the laptop over and remove the three T8 torx screws from the bottom panel.
  • Turn the laptop over and remove the three T8 torx screws from the bottom panel.

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  • Turn the laptop back over and open the monitor.

  • With the monitor facing towards you, gently pull up on the keyboard panel from the bottom.

  • With the keyboard turned over as pictured, carefully remove its ribbon cable from the connection port on the logic board. Use a spudger to lift the white plastic retainer about 1/16" to release the cable.

Use a spudger under one of the keys on the bottom row to very gently lift until you can use your hand to lift the keyboard.

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  • Remove side panels by pulling up and towards the rear of the laptop. Remove the two torx #8 screws.

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  • Disconnect the ribbon cable from the logic board. Note the cable is twisted around the monitor hinge, so do not pull up.

  • Unravel the cable from the hinge first

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  • Use a pin to pry up the Powerbook 5300 and Macintosh logos to reveal two torx #8 screws. Remove these screws.

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  • Use a wedge tool to pry open the two halves of the monitor assembly. Lift the top half away from the bottom half.

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  • Unscrew the three torx #8 screws above and below the white paper backing. Remove the tape and peel back the paper backing to access the screws below.

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  • Lift the entire paper and monitor assembly out of its casing. Then, lift the actual monitor out of its paper shell. Be careful not to rip the paper. Watch out for any other wires that might get caught and the speaker cable which is connected to a speaker in the front of the monitor casing.

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  • All monitor components should be visible. The transformer board is pictured on the left. The speaker is connected to this board and runs down through the paper housing.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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