The LCD in the Apple Thunderbolt Display is the very first part that will have to be taken out no matter what piece inside this device has to be replaced. Because of this, it is essential to know how to carefully remove the LCD from the device. Something that should be noted is that even after screws are removed, don't hastily try pulling the LCD out of its casing because it is still connected to the power and logic board of the display! Once the new screen is in place, make sure that everything is connected like the original LCD was and your device should be as good as new!

  1. Lay down the display with screen side up.
    • Lay down the display with screen side up.

    • Since the display is able to be tilted up and down, we found it useful to prop up the screen up with a styrofoam block in between the screen and the base.

    • Place the two suction cups on both sides of the top of the screen and make sure to lock them in place.

    • The glass screen to connected to the rest of the display by small magnets. Lift slowly and the screen will come right off.

    Instead of $14 foam block, I used a full roll of paper towel and two pillows. While it worked, if I ever did this again, I would buy the block of foam. Since you’re removing a power cable, you need to be able thread it through and I think the foam block would make that easier.

    Josh Miller - Reply

  2. Unscrew the 12 screws around the side edges and the top of the LCD with the TR 10 Screwdriver.
    • Unscrew the 12 screws around the side edges and the top of the LCD with the TR 10 Screwdriver.

    The screws marked in orange don't need to be removed, all they do is hold the magnets on the LCD.

    Garrett Mace - Reply

    Yes “orange screws” does not need to be removed.

    You do not need a TR10 screwdriver as written in the text a T10 will suffice (more common and also correctly mentioned in the list of tools).

    A TR10 screwdriver is compatible with the T10, but not the other way around

    Per Lohmann Poulsen - Reply

    • Slowly lift the LCD out from its placement and tilt it upwards.

    • It can be very helpful to have an extra set of hands to hold the LCD up while you work with the cables underneath.

    • There are four wires that connect the LCD to the rest of the components. Make sure not to pull hard and break any of the wires.

    Add the note that it should be lifted from the bottom edge. It is also important not to twist the display by levering up from one corner.

    Charlie Nancarrow - Reply

    Before lifting the monitor, you should be prepared to start collecting screws and have your TR 10 ready.

    Josh Miller - Reply

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    • For the first of the four wires (furthest away from the wire that is held in by a screw), grab onto the connector and pull slowly.

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    • For the next connector, which is right next to the previous wire, there is a piece of tape attached to a metal bar.

    • Flip the metal bar over using the tape as a handle.

    • Next, grab onto the connector and slowly pull it from the socket in the logic board.

    What is this connector for?

    pdspanagel - Reply

    I imagine this connector is going to be for display data (i.e. LCD data).

    Scott Havard - Reply

    I pretty much mangled this cable trying to put it back into the slot. Is this something I can order a replacement for?

    Ryan Stryker - Reply

    I also screwed up this wire.

    erybovic - Reply

    I also screwed up this wire. Wondering what the wire name is.

    erybovic - Reply

    • For the connector on the other side of the logic board, grab the connector from underneath and carefully pull it from the board.

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    • For the last wire connecting to the LCD, use your TR 10 Screwdriver to remove the screw.

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    • The LCD has now been fully disconnected from the casing and can be repaired/replaced!

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Now I just need to find the affordable replacement LCD Panel. Mine is not too bad - but it has recently developed a streak on one side that is very irksome.

gigabob - Reply

Love your site! Proved very helpful on multiple occasions and your products are fantastic!

Forgive my ignorance...

Is it possible to (1) Are any of the components of Thunderbolt Display upgrade-able? .... (2) There appears to be plenty of real-estate, can a Thunderbolt Display be turned into mac and/or pc? ... (3) Any way to upgrade to USB 3.0/3.1?...

I like tinkering with electronics and don't mind the complexities or if necessary getting parts, just wondering if any of these are possible and if so, can you give a clue as to where I can find more info... Thank You.

Mark Karasin - Reply

Would like to see a continuation of what it takes to replace the Thunderbolt cable that is attached to the back of the display

Michael Martin - Reply

Hi Michael

What happen to your monitor for you to need to replace the cable. It could be solution as to why my monitor has a black screen.

Any help?


Fm34b - Reply

Does the LCD from an iMac 2009 27” fit into the Thunderbolt Display and make it work?

Aldo B - Reply

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