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Für alle Reparaturen im Thunderbolt Display muss zunächst das LCD ausgebaut werden, deswegen ist es wichtig zu wissen, wie das geht. Wenn die Schrauben draußen sind, darfst du nicht gleich das LCD herausnehmen, es ist immer noch mit Kabeln am Logic Board und der Versorgung angeschlossen. Wenn das neue LCD eingebaut und richtig angeschlossen ist, dann ist dein Gerät wieder wie neu.

  1. Apple Thunderbolt Display LCD tauschen, LCD: Schritt 1, Bild 1 von 3 Apple Thunderbolt Display LCD tauschen, LCD: Schritt 1, Bild 2 von 3 Apple Thunderbolt Display LCD tauschen, LCD: Schritt 1, Bild 3 von 3
    • Lege das Display mit der Bildschirmseite nach oben ab.

    • Der Standfuß ist beweglich. Deswegen ist es gut, wenn du das Display mit einem Hartschaumblock gegen den Fuß abstützt.

    • Bringe die Saugheber auf beiden Seiten oben fest am Bildschirm an.

    • Die Glasscheibe ist am restlichen Bildschirm mit kleinen Magneten befestigt. Hebe langsam an, bis sie sich ablöst.

    Instead of $14 foam block, I used a full roll of paper towel and two pillows. While it worked, if I ever did this again, I would buy the block of foam. Since you’re removing a power cable, you need to be able thread it through and I think the foam block would make that easier.

    Josh Miller - Antwort

    You can also use a single handle, double cup floor lifting suction cup. Just place it in the centre of the screen near the camera and lift slowly.

    Steve A - Antwort

    I just used a toilet plunger to remove the screen and it worked like a charm!

    Philip Jacob - Antwort

    That’s what I call resourceful—made my day. I hope your repair was successful.

    Tobias Isakeit -

    Great idea, thanks a lot!

    Yvan Sandoz -

    The glass lifted off the magnets quite easily after just using my fingernails. No suction cups or toilet accessories needed.

    Adrian Gropper - Antwort

    I had the same problem and after removal of the fan and a bit of work with the vacuum, the fan is quiet. Thanks to ifixit for the great instructions that made this easy.

    John Perser - Antwort

  2. Apple Thunderbolt Display LCD tauschen: Schritt 2, Bild 1 von 2 Apple Thunderbolt Display LCD tauschen: Schritt 2, Bild 2 von 2
    • Drehe zwölf Torx TR10 Schrauben an der Oberkante und den Seitenkanten heraus.

    The screws marked in orange don't need to be removed, all they do is hold the magnets on the LCD.

    Garrett Mace - Antwort

    Yes “orange screws” does not need to be removed.

    You do not need a TR10 screwdriver as written in the text a T10 will suffice (more common and also correctly mentioned in the list of tools).

    A TR10 screwdriver is compatible with the T10, but not the other way around

    Per Lohmann Poulsen - Antwort

    On mine, the orange screws did hold the LCD down; the magnets were held in by TR6 screws, and those did not need to be removed.

    jml9904 - Antwort

  3. Apple Thunderbolt Display LCD tauschen: Schritt 3, Bild 1 von 2 Apple Thunderbolt Display LCD tauschen: Schritt 3, Bild 2 von 2
    • Hebe das Display langsam aus seinem Sitz heraus und kippe es hoch.

    • Es ist sehr hilfreich, wenn dich zwei weitere Hände unterstützen und das LCD festhalten, während du an den Kabeln darunter arbeitest.

    • Das LCD ist mit vier Kabeln an den restlichen Bauteilen angeschlossen. Achte darauf, dass du nicht zu fest an ihnen ziehst und sie beschädigst.

    Add the note that it should be lifted from the bottom edge. It is also important not to twist the display by levering up from one corner.

    Charlie Nancarrow - Antwort

    Before lifting the monitor, you should be prepared to start collecting screws and have your TR 10 ready.

    Josh Miller - Antwort

    Having a couple of short screwdrivers handy to prop up the LCD (like you would a car hood) while you disconnect the cables helps.

    jml9904 - Antwort

  4. Apple Thunderbolt Display LCD tauschen: Schritt 4, Bild 1 von 3 Apple Thunderbolt Display LCD tauschen: Schritt 4, Bild 2 von 3 Apple Thunderbolt Display LCD tauschen: Schritt 4, Bild 3 von 3
    • Fasse den Stecker des ersten Kabels (das, was am weitesten von dem mit Schrauben befestigten entfernt ist) an und ziehe ihn langsam heraus.

    Note: be sure to pull away but not hard. Wiggle and pull slowly. These are delicate especially due to age.

    Overall this is a moderate repair. Follow step by step and you are good.

    Also, use tape and/or labels to mark which cables go where per the MLB and other parts. Resulting in easier reassembly.

    Ted Teske - Antwort

  5. Apple Thunderbolt Display LCD tauschen: Schritt 5, Bild 1 von 3 Apple Thunderbolt Display LCD tauschen: Schritt 5, Bild 2 von 3 Apple Thunderbolt Display LCD tauschen: Schritt 5, Bild 3 von 3
    • Um an den Stecker vom nächsten Kabel, direkt neben dem eben gelösten, zu gelangen, musst du erst an einem Stück Klebeband an einer Metallleiste ziehen.

    • Benutze das Klebeband als Griff und klappe die Metallleiste herum.

    • Fasse dann den Stecker und ziehe ihn langsam aus dem Anschluss auf dem Logic Board ab.

    What is this connector for?

    pdspanagel - Antwort

    I imagine this connector is going to be for display data (i.e. LCD data).

    Scott Havard - Antwort

    I pretty much mangled this cable trying to put it back into the slot. Is this something I can order a replacement for?

    Ryan Stryker - Antwort

    I also screwed up this wire.

    erybovic - Antwort

    I also screwed up this wire. Wondering what the wire name is.

    erybovic - Antwort

    Thunderbolt Display 27" LVDS Cable

    Klaus Finke - Antwort

    As other’s have said, this cable is super delicate.

    When you replace it, make sure that the small metal handle it firmly reattached to the other side of the port. I thought I’d got it right first time, but had no video signal (thunderbolt detected display, and power was fed to the Macbook Pro).

    I had to reinsert this one again, and one in, firmly press the connector home, then latch the handle over the other side. I also gave it a test pull to ensure it was secure. Then all was well!

    Steve A - Antwort

    Managed to remove it but broke one pin putting it back. I don’t understand why they make so fragile with all the space available…

    BAULARD - Antwort

    Can anyone provide a photo of this connector so as to give a better understanding of its mechanics? see this cringe worthy effort at guidance; https://youtu.be/A96CUSm_Xhs?t=1050

    Philip Sharp - Antwort

  6. Apple Thunderbolt Display LCD tauschen: Schritt 6, Bild 1 von 3 Apple Thunderbolt Display LCD tauschen: Schritt 6, Bild 2 von 3 Apple Thunderbolt Display LCD tauschen: Schritt 6, Bild 3 von 3
    • Fasse behutsam den Stecker auf der anderen Seite des Logic Boards unten an und ziehe ihn vom Board ab.

    To remove this connector, you squeeze the lower tab to unclasp it, and pull it sideways away from the board

    Brad Bell - Antwort

    This cable was also taped for me, so remove the tape first

    danmcfalls - Antwort

  7. Apple Thunderbolt Display LCD tauschen: Schritt 7, Bild 1 von 1
    • Das letzte Kabel des LCDs ist mit einer Torx TR10 Schraube gesichert. Drehe sie heraus.

  8. Apple Thunderbolt Display LCD tauschen: Schritt 8, Bild 1 von 2 Apple Thunderbolt Display LCD tauschen: Schritt 8, Bild 2 von 2
    • Jetzt ist das LCD komplett vom Gehäuse abgetrennt. Du kannst es herausnehmen.


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Now I just need to find the affordable replacement LCD Panel. Mine is not too bad - but it has recently developed a streak on one side that is very irksome.

gigabob - Antwort

Love your site! Proved very helpful on multiple occasions and your products are fantastic!

Forgive my ignorance...

Is it possible to (1) Are any of the components of Thunderbolt Display upgrade-able? .... (2) There appears to be plenty of real-estate, can a Thunderbolt Display be turned into mac and/or pc? ... (3) Any way to upgrade to USB 3.0/3.1?...

I like tinkering with electronics and don't mind the complexities or if necessary getting parts, just wondering if any of these are possible and if so, can you give a clue as to where I can find more info... Thank You.

Mark Karasin - Antwort

Would like to see a continuation of what it takes to replace the Thunderbolt cable that is attached to the back of the display

Michael Martin - Antwort

Hi Michael

What happen to your monitor for you to need to replace the cable. It could be solution as to why my monitor has a black screen.

Any help?


Fm34b - Antwort

Does the LCD from an iMac 2009 27” fit into the Thunderbolt Display and make it work?

Aldo B - Antwort

Actually it’s the same Display but the connectors are different, therefore it’s not that easy.

Peter Rößner -

The Apple Studio Display 27 LCD panel has 2 main flaws that occasionally need fixing The first issue is the LCD panel and backlight are not vacuum sealed, micro dust particles gather between the 3 backlight transparent sheets, then when the air temperature changes is cause the dust to accumulated creating what looks like a water mark/streak. This may not be noticeable too most but if your using it for colour correction this is a major issue. Secondly the connections for powering the LEDS backlight at the bottom corners have a less than satisfactory solder connection causing flickering and turning off, sometimes only on one side, which can be fixed by just running solder along the 90 degree connection.

Martyn Ford - Antwort

Fixing one of the two issues requires you to disassemble the panel, not for the faint hearted or not technically skilled.

It is hard to disassemble but impossible to reassemble, must have been assembled by a robot, the plastic frame and get it to click back in place, first time I attempted this i crushed the very thin LED panel.

The half-arse solution to reassembly is to modify the plastic clip as long as you return the silver curved reflector on the plastic frame so that the backlight works at the same brightness.

Martyn Ford - Antwort

Tutoriel parfait mais où trouver une dalle LCD de remplacement pour thunderbolt apple 27”

José Maruzzi - Antwort

Are the Thunderbolt model screens as same as the cinema display screens?

Asher Haf - Antwort

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