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Use this guide to replace a broken, cracked, or defective display on your Apple Watch Series 5.

Make sure to update your Apple Watch 5 to watchOS 5 or later (and the paired iPhone to iOS 12 or later) to avoid pairing issues after a display replacement.

Replacing the display can cause issues with Apple Pay. If possible, to reduce the likelihood of problems, delete all your Apple Pay account info before the replacement, and then re-enter it with the new display installed.

This guide shows the procedure on the standard, GPS-only version of the watch, but the cellular/LTE version is similar.


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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions.


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Hey so is it possible to change the screen on my celular Apple Watch with a gps one? (Just to clarify they are both Apple Watch Series 5 44 mms but one is gps and the other celular and the screen on the celular model is cracked and I want to replace it with my gps model’s screen but idk if it’s possible or if anything changes by doing so? On a further note the gps model is A2093 and the celular one is A2095) please someone help!

Christopher Renteria - Antwort

The part number for the screen itself appears to be the same. The cell version 2095 and the gps only version 2093 differ more at the mother board and antennas. It’s documented above that a change in the screen hardware will mess with apply pay functionality. You’ll see warnings about this when you look up the screen and Force Touch sensor for purchase on this site

Bryan Williams - Antwort

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