You need a Metal spudger and a screwdriver


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  1. Insert a metal spudger to open the plastic part under the Keyboard
    • Insert a metal spudger to open the plastic part under the Keyboard

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  2. Remove the screw
    • Remove the screw

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    • Pull the lock up and disconnect the connection cable

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    • Keeping the connection cable, push out the logic board's placement

    On some recent version of the keyboard, there's a plastic pin under the white logic board plastic holder, keeping the whole thing in position in the aluminium tube.

    You may have to pull slightly upward while pushing the logic board out of the tube to disengage the plastic pin.

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    • Unlock the latch of the logic board

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    • Remove the logic board from the placement

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Hi, anyone know where its possible to buy this logic board? My bluetooth chip is apparently broken

steve - Antwort

Which model of keyboard is this, because my A1255 doesn't disassemble like this - the battery terminal is solidly restrained inside the tube by means of a metal expansion ring. Doesn't seem user repairable :(

gordon jackson - Antwort

My power button was stuck. The shell was dented. This was an easier way to access and remove the button so I was able to file the inside of the tube smooth so the button would move freely.

Tony - Antwort

I have disassembled my keyboard as shown above, but now I need a replacement Wireless Keyboard Logic Board. I have not been able to find one. Any suggestions?

Martin Rubio - Antwort

Very nice! in my case the flat cable was not properly connecting. I only found out when i opened the cap to the logic board and saw the cable sitting slanted in its connector. Put it back straight and now it works again. Cheers!!

mollymol - Antwort

Great, now my Keyboard work thanks a lot!!!!!!!!

Maurizio - Antwort

My keyboard empties a fully loaded set of batteries in 1 day, anybody had an idea wat it could be?

Wesley Looy - Antwort

I bought used keyboard. It empties a set of batteries in less then a day. Plus it looses connections. Any ideas what this is?

koncan - Antwort

Hello! My keyboard has some keys that stopped working: delete, return, r-shift, caps lock, r-option, tab. The rest of the keys work fine. Any suggestions?

Mariano Belgrano - Antwort

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