You need a Metal spudger and a screwdriver


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  1. Insert a metal spudger to open the plastic part under the Keyboard
    • Insert a metal spudger to open the plastic part under the Keyboard

  2. Remove the screw
    • Remove the screw

    • Pull the lock up and disconnect the connection cable

    • Keeping the connection cable, push out the logic board's placement

    • Unlock the latch of the logic board

    • Remove the logic board from the placement


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Hi, anyone know where its possible to buy this logic board? My bluetooth chip is apparently broken

steve - Antwort

Which model of keyboard is this, because my A1255 doesn't disassemble like this - the battery terminal is solidly restrained inside the tube by means of a metal expansion ring. Doesn't seem user repairable :(

gordon jackson - Antwort

My power button was stuck. The shell was dented. This was an easier way to access and remove the button so I was able to file the inside of the tube smooth so the button would move freely.

Tony - Antwort

I have disassembled my keyboard as shown above, but now I need a replacement Wireless Keyboard Logic Board. I have not been able to find one. Any suggestions?

Martin Rubio - Antwort

Very nice! in my case the flat cable was not properly connecting. I only found out when i opened the cap to the logic board and saw the cable sitting slanted in its connector. Put it back straight and now it works again. Cheers!!

mollymol - Antwort

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