Improper installation of a new spout could cause new leaks, damaged piping, or cause damage to your nice looking spout. If you need to replace a damaged or non working bathtub spout diverter, this guide will offer step by step instructions with visuals to help you . Replace your spout with confidence knowing that such details are highlighted in this guide.

  1. Place your rag over the top of your spout.
    • Place your rag over the top of your spout.

    • This rag will help protect the spout from scratches while the spout is being worked on.

  2. Adjust your pipe wrench so that it fits over the rag and is snug against the bathtub spout.
    • Adjust your pipe wrench so that it fits over the rag and is snug against the bathtub spout.

    • Check the underside of the spout next to the wall and look for a hole or screw hidden under the spout.

    • Once found, loosen the screw with an Allen wrench (but do not remove) the set screw.

    • Twisting the spout without loosening this screw may tear a hole in the pipe or break the spout.

    • Gently turn the wrench counterclockwise (to the left) until it is loose enough to twist with your hands.

    • Gently turn the spout counterclockwise with your hands while gently pulling it away from the wall.

    • Gently remove the spout from the wall.

    • Be careful not to scratch or bump the pipe too much.

    • Set the old spout aside in a sink or on the bathtub floor.

    • With your fingers, remove any old tape or residue found on the end of the pipe.

    • Wrap the threaded end of the pipe 3 times clockwise (to the right) using the Teflon plumber's tape

    • Once completely wrapped around the pipe, tear the plumber tape and smooth with your fingers.

    • After the Teflon plumber tape has been wrapped around the end of the pipe it should look similar to the picture on the right .The tape is meant to seal the threads of the pipe from leaking water.

    • Push the new spout back over the pipe against the wall.

    • Start twisting the spout back on clockwise (to the right) until it becomes too tight to continue twisting by hand.

    • Once too tight to continue you will begin to use your pipe wrench. See step 8.

    • Once too tight to continue twisting, place a rag around the spout and continue to twist with the pipe wrench clockwise (to the right) until fitted against the wall.

    • After completing the previous steps your new bathtub spout diverter should be fully replaced.

    • It is OK to loosen the spout to get it to point downward. Don't damage the wall.

    • If your spout diverter required a screw, tighten that screw before turning the water on.

    • Test the water flow after replacing your spout.

    • Check for leaks.


Once complete, the bathtub spout should be fitted to the wall and should produce a steady flow of water.

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