This guide will teach you how to disassemble the laptop for repairs that require the removal of the motherboard. This guide is required to replace the screen and speakers on the laptop.


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  1. Flip the laptop over so the backside is facing upwards.
    • Flip the laptop over so the backside is facing upwards.

    • Using both hands, slide the lock mechanisms outwards and pull up to remove the battery.

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  2. Remove the nine 15.4mm Phillips #00 screws.
    • Remove the nine 15.4mm Phillips #00 screws.

    • Remove the four 8.7mm Phillips #00 screws from the hard drive mounting bracket.

    • Remove the hard drive bracket.

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    • Flip laptop over and open the screen.

    • Wedge some plastic opening tools between the keyboard and case.

    • Work your way around with the plastic opening tools until the keyboard is separate from the case.

      • Do not try to lift the keyboard straight off at this time. There are some ribbon cables that attach the motherboard to the keyboard that need to be removed first.

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    • Remove the ZIF connected ribbon cables for the touchpad and keyboard by gently lifting the latch on the connector point, then slide the ribbon cable out. Repeat for each cable.

    • Verify all ribbon cables are disconnected and out of the way, and lift the keyboard out of the assembly.

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    • Remove the CD/DVD drive by sliding it out of the side of the laptop.

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    • Remove the three 6.5mm Phillips #00 screws from the fan.

    • Disconnect the fan power cable from the motherboard.

    • Remove the fan.

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    • Gently remove the ribbon cables and wireless chip. A plastic prying tool will help in this removal.

    • Remove the power cable for the motherboard.

    • Remove the power cable for the speaker.

    i broke my ribbon cable when i was reconnecting it, is there a way to have a guide into how to repair that connection?

    dakalodev - Antwort

    Once you’ve removed most of those lengths of cables, they are really only held on by some tape you could just by a new cable. However if you’re talking about the port that it connects to on the motherboard you'll need to get really handy with a hot work station or buy a new mother board.

    Don E Humphrey II -

    • Ensuring no missed connections or screws, remove the motherboard from the assembly.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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