Replacing the screen on the Asus TF300T Tablet is a simple task by removing the back panel of the device to see the inside of the tablet. Once the inner workings are exposed the screen removal is a breeze with the use of the proper tools and knowledge.

Begin the process by making sure that the dock is disconnected and the power is turned off.
  • Begin the process by making sure that the dock is disconnected and the power is turned off.

  • Start by using the plastic opening tool on the side opposite the dock/ charging port. Begin to open the device along the short sides of the tablet.

  • When you have reached the side with the charging/ dock port be gentle with the opening tool due to the thinner plastic that could be broken with excessive force.

  • Once the opening tools have completely made their way around the device use the spudger to separate the back panel from the screen and expose the inside.

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The Asus Transformer series tablets have a hard power switch. This should be turned off before working on the tablet.
  • The Asus Transformer series tablets have a hard power switch. This should be turned off before working on the tablet.

  • Locate the power switch near the power button on the top left. Use a tool to slide it to the position marked 'off'

    • For many repairs, like replacing the screen or digitizer, you do not need to remove the battery once you hve turned the tablet off. Be very careful not to short anything out with metal tools!

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  • Using the Phillips #00 screwdriver remove all of the screws connecting the battery to the mother board.

  • Once the initial screws have been removed as indicated by the photo, use the spudger to remove the cover concealing the the clips for the dock sensor ans a few more screws.

  • Again remove the screws with the same screwdriver and use the spudger to disconnect the spudger sesors from their respective clips.

  • Once the battery is freed use the spudger to remove the battery from its spot

If you are just going to change screen/digitizer then this step is not necessary.

Jopose - Antwort

Please - what is a spudger?

Campogirl - Antwort

It's the black stick-looking tool shown in the photo. (It's an ESD-safe pry tool.) It's also linked at the top of the guide.

Jeff Suovanen -

  • Remove the screws bordering the screen (Marked Red) using the Phillips #00 screwdriver. The screws holding the dock connector, the dock fixing points and the motherboard do not need to be removed. The screws attaching the digitizer board (left) do need to be removed, as do two screws accessed through holes in the motherboard.

  • Disconnect the digitizer cable.

    • The two connectors on the digitizer cable release by levering up the beige tabs on the back of the sockets. You may need to peel off the black foam blocks in order to remove the cable.

  • Remove the black tape (marked with yellow in the second image).

  • Lift up the digitzer control board and peel of the grounding tape from the underside of the SD card socket.

  • Disconnect the lvds connector from the screen (top left of the pictures). Peel the clear tape from the housing, and gently lever the connector out using the metal shoulders on each side of the plug.

  • Lift the tablet away from the screen assembly. The only thing still attaching it should be a small amount of grounding tape under the headphone socket (marked with purple on the second image.)

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  • Carefully measure the position of the screen withing the frame. You will need to place the new screen in exactly the same place, or the tablet will not fit back together.

  • Now using the heat gun or hairdryer on high, heat the edges of the screen in order to melt the adhesive holding the screen to the casing of the tablet.

  • When placing the new digitizer in the frame, you need to position it exactly. Do a dry fit without adhesive first, so you know how tight it has to be. The screen must press firmly into the rubber surround on all sides. If you place it loosely in one corner, the screen will not fit in to the other corner.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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The last picture is missing !

bjoerngollner - Antwort

My asus tf300t power button only works once in a while. Can it be fixed?

michellegreenleaf51 - Antwort

Can I change only the LCD screen? (my Touch screen I think that works ok)

Carlos Molina Ordóñez - Antwort

That is this guide.

Heather Murphy -

I followed all of these steps from a different guide with the exception of turning off the power switch (The other guide failed to mention this and i didn't see the power switch). I replaced the digitizer and reassmebled everything and the touch screen is unresponsive. I am not sure what to do at this point. I read around that maybe I blew a fuse by not powering off the switch. Any ideas? Thanks

ravensfh - Antwort

Good guide. Last picture would have been helpful. I actually cracked my digitizer on the last step. Just go slow and put in playing cards to make sure the LCD doesn't stick back onto the digitizer.

Heather Murphy - Antwort

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