When you press the retract button on the front of the vacuum, does the power cord not move? If so, here is the guide to replace the entire cord and reel.

  1. Grab hold of both the flex hose handle  and the extension wand.
    • Grab hold of both the flex hose handle and the extension wand.

    • Pull straight out to detach the handle from the extension wand.

  2. Locate the lock clip on the other end of the flex hose.
    • Locate the lock clip on the other end of the flex hose.

    • Hold down the lock clip to unlock the flex hose from the vacuum.

    • Remove the flex hose from the vacuum.

    • After removing hose, place vacuum on back and unclip the top compartment.

    • Open the compartment.

    • Pull the dirt collection box out of the vacuum.

    • Place dirt collection box to the side.

    • Locate the Pre-Motor Filter.

    • Pull the filter out by grabbing the pull tab on top.

    • Turn vacuum around and locate the filter cover on the bottom.

    • Place fingers in the opening and pull off the filter cover.

    • Place fingers on each tab on the Post-Motor HEPA Media Filter and pull out.

    • Take filter out to clean or replace.

    • To clean Dirt Collection Box, unlatch lid and take off.

    • Flip Dirt Collection Box over and locate the push tab.

    • Push the Dirt Cup HEPA Media Filter up to take it off.

    • Picture 3 Shows all the filters taken out of the vacuum.

    • Unscrew the two screws underneath the dirt collection box inside the vacuum.

    • Flip over vacuum.

    • Unscrew both screws on the bottom of the handle.

    • Unscrew both screws near the wheels.

    • Flip over vacuum.

    • Gently lift off top.

    • Do not try to take off completely. There are still wires attached to the hull.

    • Locate the circuit board.

    • Unplug each orange plug.

    • Make sure you remember which orange plug goes where!

    • Unplug the red wires. The wires may be a little difficult to take off. If they are, you may use a pair of pliers to pull the wires off.

    • Make sure not to wiggle the wires, as that may break the metal holding them.

    • Remove the top.

    • Unscrew the top two screws on the vacuum.

    • Unscrew the back two scews.

    • Lift motor and move it over the gain access to the spool.

    • Unscrew the screw on the spool.

    • Remove the plastic circle.

    • Remove the motor.

    • And you are done!

    • Grab hold of the cord reel and cord. Make sure cord is retracted all the way in.

    • Pull on cord reel to remove it. You should hear a click indicating it has detached from the area indicated in the picture.

    • Use screwdriver to remove screws from either side of the cord.

    • Flip over vacuum.

    • Remove grate that holds the power cord as pictured.

    • Grab hold of head of power cord and pull up.

    • Power cord should disconnect from vacuum body as pictured.

    • Remove the cord reel and cord from the vacuum body.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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