You'll need to have your solder workstation ready to use at this point.

Remember, safety first.

  1. Begin by making sure your Blu Studio is turned off.
    • Begin by making sure your Blu Studio is turned off.

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  2. To begin the removal of your back panel, first locate the lift tab on the bottom-right corner.
    • To begin the removal of your back panel, first locate the lift tab on the bottom-right corner.

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    • Next, gently slide your thumb (or plastic tool if you prefer) down the seem running the length of your Blu Studio until the rear panel is completely removed.

    • Your rear panel should be placed nearby and in a safe location until you are finished with your task.

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    • With your back panel already removed from the previous guide you'll need to acquire a Philips head screw driver size (PH00)

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    • Next proceed to remove all 16 screws (2.5mm in length), all screws are the same size so getting them mixed up will not be an issue later on.

    • One of the lower right hand screws will be hidden under a sticker.

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    • After removing all 16 screws you can begin the process of removing the battery housing panel.

    • You will need to use the thinner plastic prying tool to slowly outline the seem of the case starting from the top (near the camera).

    • Try to be careful around the side buttons as the plastic is weakest there.

    • After the top half of the case has been opened insert the thicker prying tool to keep the case open. This will help as the battery and battery housing have a suction cup like action that keeps them from separating.

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    • At this point your battery, motherboard, rear camera, and front camera should all be readily available for fixing. Happy fixing.

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    • The microphone is located at the rear-lower-left corner.

    Is there one mic on this blu studio6.0 phone my loud speaker works but I can't hear the other person when I get incoming call from my ear mic I replace this mic twice I have to turn the speaker to answer calls in coming calls

    mauriceboyd - Antwort

    • Lift the microphone very carefully.

    • Unsolder the two lower wires ( one red wire and one black wire ).

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    • Solder the new microphone in the same spot. The black wire will go in the lower spot and the red wire in the upper spot.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Where can I get a blue microphone for my BLU phone. When I answer my BLU phone I can't hear the person on the other line but they cannot hear me so I believe it's just my microphone when I speak.

Christina - Antwort

Where can I buy microphones

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