Diese Anleitung zeigt dir, wie du die vier Schrauben, welche die beiden Gehäusehälften zusammenhalten, entfernen und die beiden Gehäuseteile trennen kannst.

Auf der Rückseite des Geräts findest du vier runde Kunststoffstopfen.
  • Auf der Rückseite des Geräts findest du vier runde Kunststoffstopfen.

  • Heble mit einem Metallspatel vorsichtig die vier Stopfen heraus.

    • Die Stopfen sind verklebt. Sei vorsichtig und zerkratze nicht das Gehäuse beim Entfernen. Benutze, wenn möglich, ein Werkzeug aus Plastik.

hi i just finished prying apart those round buttons. it is very important to know if you dont want to mangle the button trying to pry it loose. if your looking down at the four buttons the inside part of all the four round circles is where you put a thin small tool, that is where the opening is to eventually pull up the whole thing without having to mangle the circle. so if your looking at the four circles the opening will be in the part of circle where all rounds face each other inward i hope this helps

art - Antwort

Note that the torx plus is a 5 star tool, and was the size 15 for me. Make sure you don't purchase the common 6 sided star tool.

Mark - Antwort

Knowing you have to replace battery, why are the %#*@ things glued on? Just sayin’

Toni - Antwort

Knowing battery needs to be replaced, why are these things glued??

Toni - Antwort

Not a tool to remove! Why’re they glued in the first place?

Toni - Antwort

I’ve ruined perfectly good tools!

Toni - Antwort

This has become stupid! Posting comments that never appear!

Toni - Antwort

Should be effing impossible!

Toni - Antwort

Sorry, just now found them! Honestly, this can become impossible!

Toni - Antwort

Entferne die vier 1,8 cm Torx Plus TR Schrauben vom äußeren Gehäuse.
  • Entferne die vier 1,8 cm Torx Plus TR Schrauben vom äußeren Gehäuse.

the torque sizing bit would be the number 5 torque bit which will fit in the screw to unscrew it

art - Antwort

My experience required a number 15 torx plus head.

This was a 5 sided star, not a 6 sided star.

Mark - Antwort

It's NOT torx plus. It's torx SECURITY. Torx Plus is designed for high torque situations. The bit with the hole in the middle is Torx Security.

Dennis Lupatsky - Antwort

Ok,how much more complicated can this get?

Toni - Antwort

  • Öffne vorsichtig das Gehäuse.

    • Das obere Tastenfeld muss beim Zusammenbau wahrscheinlich wieder festgeklebt werden.

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weller - Antwort

When I search for a 1.8 cm Torx Plus TR drill bit, I see a whole set from Amazon. Is there a particular number or head size just so I can purchase one drill bit?

jwm82 - Antwort

Hey, did you find out what size screwdriver you need?

kestis155 -

yes its the number 5 torque

art -

dose anyone know where to buy the outer casing for these? i need a mint colored one.

idixon16 - Antwort

I need more information on the Torx Plus bit can you provide the exact size as you used. The 1.8cm is not easy to search for. Brand and exact size number would help.

Joseph - Antwort

yes its the number 5 torque to fit the screw perfectly

art -

Can we get some details on the battery, like dimensions, mAh, voltage? Hopefully it isn't some proprietary thing, I still can't even get my screw covers off, Bose really prefers we all purchase new ones instead of repair it. I have used all of my various spudgers and iSesame's, maybe I have to hot glue a chop stick in the middle of each cover and pull them off like that? Hard to get leverage in those tiny crevices.

Matt - Antwort

did anyone ever figure out where to buy the housing/casing?

Humair Madhani - Antwort

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