This guide will show you how to disassemble the shaver, replace the batteries and reassemble.

The batteries are soldered directly to a PCB so you will need to be confident with a soldering iron.

Place your new batteries onto charge before you start so they have the same charge level when installed.

Soldering Iron
  • Soldering Iron

  • Solder sucker

  • T6 Torx bit

  • Pliers

  • Two new batteries. AAA size Ni-Mh with tabs. Originals were suppo 700mAh, I replaced with 900mAh.

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First remove the shaver head by pushing up on the cutting head. It will hinge up
  • First remove the shaver head by pushing up on the cutting head. It will hinge up

  • With the head rotated up you will be able to remove it by pushing it sideways. The isn't strictly necessary if it doesn't make sense.

  • This will reveal two screws, mine were Torx T6. Remove these.

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  • Just push the two halves apart from the top end.

  • Have a look at the picture to see where the clips are. Note the tab on the bottom end.

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  • The black module simply lifts clear of the housing.

  • The clear lid has three clips on each side. Ease these up and lift the clear lid.

  • The PCB lifts clear of the black housing. It is a little reluctant but there are no hidden fasteners. I found it best to slid a flat blade screwdriver down the side of a battery and lever out.

  • Be careful not to apply pressure to the AC tabs, shown in the second picture on the right. They lift clear of the charger connection without assistance.

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  • De-solder the old batteries from the PCB using your preferred method.

  • I cut the batteries free from the tabs. Then used a solder sucker to get rid of the bulk of the solder. Finally I heated up the joint and used pliers to push the remaining tab clear.

  • Note the polarity marked on the PCB and install the replacement batteries. Make sure you cut the tabs down before folding them over to prevent any shorts.

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  • Everything is just the reverse. There are no hidden tricks and you can see everything.

  • There should be a seal under the clear lid, make sure it remains.

  • Check the AC connectors are not bent and touching when the PCB is reinstalled in the black housing. If you get this wrong you may turn the shaver into a smoke generator.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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