An Error 99 is an non specific error which means that camera doesn't know or have a code for the problem. In my case the shutter assembly needed replacing. This was a fairly involved process for a beginner such as myself.

This is not a comprehensive guide but should be used in conjunction with the Canon Service Manual and youtube videos. I hope that some of the pictures I took along the way might help you identify or remember how each step works.


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Get the Canon 40D Service Repair Manual
  • Get the Canon 40D Service Repair Manual

  • Have a clean and organized workspace. I labelled plastic trays by step number and put all items for each step in a separate tray.

  • Watch a couple Youtube videos on this process

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Peel off rubber grips
  • Peel off rubber grips

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  • take off front piece

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  • take off rear

  • connectors disconnect by flipping black/brown tab up and sliding plastic tab out.

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  • Take off top cover

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  • take off bottom plate

  • disconnect and remove bottom board

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  • remove CMOS assembly

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  • remove metal back

  • remove and replace shutter assembly, transfering components that aren't on the new one

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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how do you replace the bridge (male portion on camera) other than putting the card in a card reader

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