It is important to note that removing the memory battery will cause the camera to forget all of your settings. It would be helpful to document your settings before performing these steps. Perform these steps as basic troubleshooting, much like a soft reset.


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  1. Lift the rubber flap covering the input/output jacks.
    • Lift the rubber flap covering the input/output jacks.

  2. Using a Phillips #0, remove the single 3.4 mm screw.
    • Using a Phillips #0, remove the single 3.4 mm screw.

    • This step will permanently erase all user settings.

    • The memory battery can now be easily slid out of place.

    • If you are following this guide in an effort to perform a hard reset, you should now press the shutter button multiple times in order to drain any left over power, then replace the batteries and power the device back on. You have just performed a hard reset!


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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This Battery for Clock only? or CMos and Personal setting to?

there has to be something to retain all these settings once the main battery pack goes dead and or is removed from the camera?

My User 1 Pictures styles wont Save? it'll save but once i turn off My Canon Eos 5D Mark II and then back on again, my Color /Contrast/Sharpness are all Dead Center/= back to Default AGAIN? :/

Any Help here?


Greg - Antwort

I did not write the original post, but I believe once you remove this battery ALL custom changes and time will be gone. You will have to re-create them. Besides the rechargeable battery, the only one keeping track of some settings is this one.


Carlos Lijeron - Antwort

Will doing this reset the shutter count in the camera? Like when you go to an external program to see how many shutter actuations there have been over the lifetime of the camera, will that number be erased?

Tom Fewchuk - Antwort

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