Follow this guide to replace the LCD.


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Lift the rubber flap covering the input/output jacks.
  • Lift the rubber flap covering the input/output jacks.

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Using a Phillips #0, remove the single 3.4 mm screw.
  • Using a Phillips #0, remove the single 3.4 mm screw.

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  • This step will permanently erase all user settings.

  • The memory battery can now be easily slid out of place.

  • If you are following this guide in an effort to perform a hard reset, you should now press the shutter button multiple times in order to drain any left over power, then replace the batteries and power the device back on. You have just performed a hard reset!

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  • Peel back the rubber cover above the in/out ports to reveal two screw heads.

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  • Remove both 5.4 mm screws using a Phillips #0.

I just accidentally stripped one of those screws. Is there anything I can do or am I...screwed?

Casey Ayers - Antwort

  • Lift the in/out port plastic covering from the bottom where the backup battery used to be.

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  • Remove each 6.3 mm screw on either side of the viewfinder using a Phillips #0 screwdriver.

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  • Remove the three 4.8 mm screws on the bottom of the back plate using a Phillips #0.

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  • Peel back the rubber covering next to the menu dial to access the screw.

  • Remove the single 3.4 mm screw using a Phillips #0.

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  • The back panel can now fall off easily by turning the device upside down. Be sure to catch it so the data ribbons do not tear or tug.

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  • Remove each data ribbon cable from the motherboard by applying pressure down towards the motherboard and gently sliding your thumb upwards on the slot where the cable meets the motherboard. This will raise a very small clip that locks the cable in place.

  • The back panel is now free from the rest of the device.

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  • Remove each of the 3.4 mm screws holding in the LCD using a Phillips #0.

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  • Grip the wire attaching the speaker to the data ribbon cable and pull it out.

  • The LCD is now free from the back panel.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Step 8: Missing indication to remove also the third screw on the left, just next to the connector cover

Techtronics - Antwort

where can get the lcd screen? thanks for the guide!!

Birger Heimdal - Antwort

Big thank you! This walkthrough really helped ;) fortunatelly only one of the connecting cables slided out of the socket that caused the lcd dead. Cam is back in business in 15 minutes ;)

hotpixelstudio - Antwort

Step 2 missing indication that 2 other screws are removed near lower input/output jacks just above

memory battery location.

Pete - Antwort

Also....the last step should mention unclipping the ribbon cables in the same manner as before from the small circuit board that resides on the rear of the LCD, and the LCD has a metal frame that will need to be removed and installed on the replacement LCD before installing it. It is held in place via strong double sided tape. A little heat may need to be applied to separate it.

Pete - Antwort

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