If for some reason your scanner light does not appear to be working correctly you may have to change the scanner light. If you see any broken glass, from the bulb or otherwise, handle with gloves. Broken glass can cause harm to you and the things around you.


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If at any point you see glass that seems cracked or broken, handle with care.  Broken glass is sharp and can cause serious damage.
  • If at any point you see glass that seems cracked or broken, handle with care. Broken glass is sharp and can cause serious damage.

  • Lift up the lid. Then be sure to examine the glass. If there are any cracks or broken fragments handle with extreme care.

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Locate the black and white hinges.
  • Locate the black and white hinges.

  • Gently lift out the black and white hinges.

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  • Next, locate and remove the four 10mm screws.

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  • Gently, pry off the top plate, starting from the back of the printer.

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  • After you have taken off the plate, check to make sure that there is no broken glass. If there is broken glass handle it with gloves. Broken glass, if handled improperly, can cause physical injury.

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  • Two white tabs are located on the sides of the black component that houses the scanner light. Pull these tabs out, and set them aside.

  • Remove black component by gently pulling it up from the black scanner belt.

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  • When removing the light, you should be careful not to snap the plastic. If you do snap the plastic, handle with gloves and use extreme precaution, because the plastic may be sharp.

  • The light is in the middle of the black component. Remove the light by prying up one side with the plastic opening tool and working your way to the other side of the light.

    • You may hear a snapping sound as the light detaches from the component.

  • Once you have taken out the damaged light, replace it with a new light.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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While I appreciate the instructions on how to change the scanner bulb, what would be more useful is some info on where to find/buy the actual bulb itself.

I have intensively searched for this item and it appears that Canon does not even sell it, and that unless it also fits another scanner/copier, it is not available at all. Can you comment on this or tell me where I might find one?

tjgraylaw - Antwort

here is where you can get them they ship worldwide and you dont need to wait that long.


timber kitsets -

Unfortunately the www.coinchange.co.nz link is no longer valid. Is there another source for the bulb? Thanks in advance!

bobsbbcards - Antwort

I opened up my Canon MF-8580CDW scanner which is the same. As I was putting it back I found two springs laying in the base and cannot find where they go. Can you or anyone help me by telling me where they go? (I know about the belt spring tensioner. This is not that spring)

Bob Johnson - Antwort

Was it determined where the springs go? I am having the same issue.

Kevin's Problems -

I also need an inexpensive source for the lamp, or better, the contact image sensor P/N FM4-9076-000.

Bob Johnson - Antwort

I have a MF 8280 cw that stops scanning. I notice the light bulb light is weak. Is that the problem?

Where do you get the part?


Henry Liu - Antwort

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