Locate and remove the clock battery from the camera.


The battery hatch is on the bottom of the camera.
    • The battery hatch is on the bottom of the camera.

    • CAUTION: Locate the switch to open the hatch and push gently toward the front of the camera. Too much force can break the hatch.

    • While the switch is pushed forward, pull the cover away from the camera.

Can the hatch be replaced. The piece that holds the hatch is broken.

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This camera requires AA batteries. To remove batteries, simply allow them to fall out of the camera.
    • This camera requires AA batteries. To remove batteries, simply allow them to fall out of the camera.

    • The clock battery cover is shown here in the purple circle. Use a fingernail to lift the battery out of the camera.

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  • When replacing the AA batteries, verify they are oriented correctly by following the (+) and (-) signs on the camera.

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  • To access the clock battery, find the clock battery cover, shown here in the red square.

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  • When accessing the clock battery, use a fingernail or similar small instrument to gently pull the tab out.

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  • Now that you have the tab and battery removed, use a fingernail or other small tool to remove the battery from the tab.

  • This battery is a CR1220 type watch battery.

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    • When replacing the clock battery, be sure to have the battery oriented properly, as shown in the picture.

    • Remember, the tab goes in with the exposed side of the battery facing towards the lens.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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thanks its very useful forme

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thank you, very useful for my old camera :)

agungsp2000 - Antwort

Perfect! I never even knew I had this battery in there. Couldn't figure out why the date and time wouldn't stay set every time I shut it off. And then I found the answer here.

Thank you very much for the post!

sherlock261 - Antwort

I'm a senior citizen and am not very good with modern technology. Been going crazy trying to set my clock in my digital camera. I didn't want to buy a new one because I have had this one for years (Power Shot A590) and didn't want to have to learn to use a newer one. Finally got smart enough to do a google search for an answer. Will get a new battery tomorrow and solve my problem. Thanks for the help!...the information age is good for something after all.

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Wow this is a great site. I got the answer I needed right away. The instructions were clear, simple and correct. Thank you.

You are bookmarked.

jeffrey wales - Antwort

Please has anyone got a clock battery holder for a powershot A590? Mine fell out somewhere

when the kids were using it Love the camera and would like to get it back in use

Email at acv@xtra.co.nz if you could help me

rgds Alan

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