Use this guide to replace the Canon PowerShot A75's flash unit.

Turn the camera over and locate the "BATT OPEN" sliding switch.
  • Turn the camera over and locate the "BATT OPEN" sliding switch.

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Slide the switch to the right.
  • Slide the switch to the right.

    • The battery cover should slide down and spring open.

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  • Remove the 4 AA batteries.

    • Watch for the orientation of the batteries as they slide out.

    • The battery orientation is shown under the battery flap itself and on a sticker next to the battery flap.

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  • Remove the three 2.5mm screws on the bottom of the camera.

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  • Remove the 3.8mm screw underneath the flap that covers the A/V port.

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  • Remove the 2.4mm screw located underneath the cover of the memory card slot.

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  • Open the memory card slot by sliding it laterally until you hear a click.

  • Remove the 5.9mm screw in the upper corner of the memory card slot.

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  • Remove the two 4.1mm screws at the bottom of the battery flap.

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  • Lift the shutter button and speaker part from the top of the camera.

    • DO NOT pull the part too hard because there is a plug connecting the speaker to the camera.

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  • Using a pair of tweezers, grab the plug that connects the speaker to the camera and gently pull it out.

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  • Remove the rightmost 4.2mm screw underneath the battery cover, not the center screw.

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  • Separate the back casing and front casing of the camera using your hands.

    • Pulling the two halves apart can be difficult, especially at the top. Use a moderate amount of force.

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  • On the front of the camera, press the button on the lower left of the lens.

  • Twist the outer lens casing counter-clockwise and slide it out.

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  • Take off the front casing.

  • There is a black rubber washer around the lens that comes out after you take the casing off. Make sure to replace it when putting the camera back together.

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  • Rotate the camera such that the flash unit and capacitor are facing you.

    • DO NOT touch the capacitor because it may shock you.

  • Remove the 3.5mm screw located between the flash unit and the capacitor.

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  • Snap flash unit out of place with your fingers.

    • Do not proceed to the next step unless you have previous soldering experience because you can damage the flash unit if you are not careful.

  • Unsolder the five wires connected to the flash unit in order to remove it.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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