In this guide we will be replacing the screen of a Canon PowerShot G3.

On the bottom of the camera, push and slide open the battery compartment.
  • On the bottom of the camera, push and slide open the battery compartment.

  • Remove the battery.

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Open the screen as shown.
  • Open the screen as shown.

  • Remove the screws on the end of the screen.

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  • Remove both screws on the opposite side of the screen, located near the hinge.

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  • Remove the back panel of the screen, using a spudger or opening tool if necessary.

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  • Remove both screws at the top of the screen.

  • The silver bracket in between the screws will come out after removing these screws!

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  • Turn the screen perpendicular to body of the camera.

  • Remove the screw at the base of the hinge.

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  • The screen is fragile, handle with care.

  • Push the screen down and away from the camera.

  • Remove the single screw at the base of the rotating arm. This will allow you to remove the screen cover.

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  • Remove the black bar attached to the data ribbon cable. You will use this with the replacement.

  • The screen will be loose in the front.

  • Slide the black bar from underneath the white socket.

  • The data ribbon will remain attached to the defective screen. Both of these can be discarded.

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  • Insert the new screen.

  • The ribbon will already be attached.

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  • Warning: The ribbon and black bar are fragile. You will want to be very delicate with it. It will be difficult to insert.

  • Insert the ribbon into the white socket. You will have to hold this ribbon in place while placing the black bar back into the socket. You may need assistance with this part of the step.

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  • Place the screen with monitor side out.

  • You may have to hold this in place until covers are back on properly.

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  • Put screen cover back on and replace screw from step 7.

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  • Turn screen up, and toward the camera. Remain perpendicular to camera.

  • Replace monitor cover using single screw, making sure cover is on the outside. (Screw from step 6)

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  • Turn screen parallel to the camera. Refasten metal bracket with the screws from step 5.

  • These screws are small, and you may need assistance in screwing them back in.

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  • Replace back panel. Make sure the metal part of the panel goes under the metal part of the rotating arm or the screw won't go in.

  • Put the four screws back in from step 2 and 3 respectively.

  • Step 2 screws go in the outside of the panel. Step 3 screws go in on the underside of the panel.

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  • Replace battery into battery compartment.

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Great instructions but where can I find a new screen? Canon doesn't carry them any more.

Hank - Antwort

I'm guessing that the screen is OK and the wiring/connections is the problem.

Jon Jensen - Antwort

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