If the Canon PowerShot G9 displays a card error "write locked", it could be simply the switch in the SD-card slot not working.

  • Good eyesight and a steady hand is necessary to complete this.
  • Be especially careful not to rupture any of the flex cables.
  • Work slowly
  • Keep the screws sorted, they have different sizes
  1. Be very careful not to touch any charged flash capacitor.
    • Be very careful not to touch any charged flash capacitor.

    • Remove screws as marked. 2 for strap holder, 5 for back cover

    • Remove Back cover and strap holder

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  2. Remove two screws
    • Remove two screws

    • Remove buttons

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    • Disconnect ribbon cable by lifting up flap

    • Disconnect other cable (another flap)

    • Remove jog dial unit

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    • Remove one screw

    • remove finder dial

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    • Remove screw and lift LCD upwards very carefully. Do not put any strain on cables

    • Carefully remove flex cables. The left has a flap that needs to be opened (up), the right just needs to be pulled out. Be careful when re-inserting the right one, you can easily damage the fragile cable.

    • Remove LCD

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    • Remove screws

    • Disconnect connectors for Lens assembly

    • Carefully disconnect the tiny cable

    • Next step is removing the PCB. I made the mistake not to take care about the battery compartment switch. If you are not careful, the black lever will break off. Not a problem though, because then the camera will work also with opened battery compartment

    • Remove main PCB by slightly bending outward the cover for the jack with fingernail. Now lift the PCB slightly upwards.

    • Look under the PCB, there is a connector that needs to be separated by means of a small screwdriver or spudger.

    • Re-attaching the connector is not easy. I used a small screwdriver to carefully press the connector back in place.

    • Note: This is not the official method to do this. Normally the Top cover and several other parts need to be removed too.

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    • Measure continuity on SD-card slot write protect switch

    • If it is not working, short the two points with a bodge wire, so write lock is disabled

    • Another fault is a broken soldering joint holding the case of the SD-card reader in place.

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