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The speaker is connected to the front of the device. The speaker allows the user to communicate via the radio.

  1. Unscrew the cap counterclockwise on the microphone plug to disconnect the cable. Unscrew the cap counterclockwise on the microphone plug to disconnect the cable.
    • Unscrew the cap counterclockwise on the microphone plug to disconnect the cable.

  2. Gently unplug the microphone plug.
    • Gently unplug the microphone plug.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.


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Doesnt make any difference. Put a new mike on and still no noise and no transmit

brianhall846 - Antwort

Mike doesnt work. Tried a new one and still nothing

brianhall846 - Antwort

Starting over. What type of antenna system do you have? Type A, coax/cable has a PL259 plug on the end that screws onto the studs base. The stud requires metal to metal contact on the bottom with a nylon washer on the top side, little shoulder down into a 1/2 inch hole. Flat metal washer on it. Then the lock washer. Type B uses two eye rings to make a connection. This will have two nylon washes, one for the top, one for the bottom side. Center of coax is to make contact with the bolt. Bare copper wire gets twisted together and a terminal soldered on. Soldering is preferred over crimping. Or crimp then solder. This should eliminate those issues. ANTENNAS: what do you have? Old new? Old K40 sticks are guaranteed 5 years. 5 years and one day, toss it. Old Firestik, look for crack in the vynal at the base. Cut plastic away, inspect for broken wire at the base. Does radio get any sound at all? Check for broken speaker with an external speaker. Knobs set properly? Squelch counterclockwise? Continued

rrmanning06 - Antwort

RF gain, Dynamike clockwise? Radio in CB mode? A good working microphone? Dissasemble mic's plug. Inspect wires. Any broken wires? Note (write it down) how it's wired. And the color coding. Pin 1 shield 2 audio/white 3 transmit red 4 receive black. Cut and strip if needed. Resolder. May need to cut back the wire to find good stuff. Does the needle move to the left when transmitting? Blown final transistor.

rrmanning06 - Antwort

This should eliminate those issues. Meaning, by soldering the rings onto the coax you eliminate the copper wire corroding.

When taking apart a microphone plug; do it on a towel. Helps to keep the small screws from getting lost.

On an older radio the external speaker jack can become loose, breaking the solder connection. Resoldering will fix that problem of no noise.

A speaker may die. Test for ohms across the leads/ wires. A reading means the speaker is good.

rrmanning06 - Antwort

could you please provide good circuit schematic for cobra ca73 maybe like mic diagram here: http://www.cbtricks.com/radios/galaxy/dx...

but for ca73

johnquevedo69 - Antwort

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