Start by removing the battery
  • Start by removing the battery

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Loosen the two screws of the hard drive cover
  • Loosen the two screws of the hard drive cover

  • The screws will remain in the cover

  • Remove the cover, then pull straight up on the pull tab to remove the hard drive

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  • Loosen the two screws on the ram cover and remove

  • Loosen the one screw on the wireless card cover and remove

  • These screws will remain in their covers

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  • Remove 16 bottom cover screws (dark coloured 6mm screws)

  • Remove 5 screws from inside the battery bay (silver coloured 4mm screws)

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  • Using a small flat blade screwdriver pop off the wireless aerial connectors from the wireless card

  • The wireless connecters are easily damaged. Lift the connecters straight up. When reassembling line them up carefully and push them straight down

  • Unroute the cables from the bottom of the case

  • Slide out the dvd drive

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  • Flip the laptop over and open the display to start removing the keyboard

  • Slide a small flat blade screwdriver between the insert and delete keys and lever the button board cover off

  • Remove the four keyboard screws (dark coloured 4mm screws)

  • Lift up the keyboard, but beware of the cable underneath still to be removed

  • Loosen the socket for the keyboard cable and remove the keyboard

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  • Remove the display cable connector by lifting it straight up

  • Un-route the wireless aerial cables from the top cover

  • Remove the four display screws (dark coloured 5mm screws). Lift the display up and off

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  • Use a flat blade screwdriver to loosen the touchpad cable connecter

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  • Flip the laptop over and grip the bottom case where the dvd drive used to be

  • Lift off the bottom case

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  • Remove two screws from the s-video/usb board (silver coloured 4mm screws)

  • Lift the board from the right hand side

  • The connecter for this board is under the right hand side. When reassembling, make sure this connecter plugs in firmly

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  • Remove the speaker cable and lift out the speaker module

  • Use a flat blade screw driver to loosen the button board connecter

  • Push the two wireless card arms outwards to remove the wireless card

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  • Remove the four screws holding the mother board in place (silver coloured 4mm screws)

  • The screw holes are marked "PA/PR" or "PR". When reassembling do not put a screw in the hole marked "PA"

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  • Remove the left side of the motherboard first. It may be necessary to bent the case a little to get the firewire and USB port away from the case

  • Pull on the middle of the board next, angling up to clear the front audio jacks from the case

  • Pull the board away from the right side of the case

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  • Remove the three screws holding the heatsink to the mother board (silver coloured 4mm screws)

  • Remove the heatsink fan connecter

  • Lift the heatsink off the board

  • Use a flat blade screwdriver to turn the CPU lock and remove the CPU

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order. See special reassembly notes in steps 10 and 12.

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How to clean the fan cooler? do i have to disassemble it whole or can i just blow it from the outside, no tools?

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