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Turn off power to laptop.
  • Turn off power to laptop.

  • Unplug charging cable from laptop.

    • Failure to unplug the charging cable could result in damaging the computer or seriously injuring yourself.

  • Wear the anti-static wrist strap to prevent any electrical shock to the components. Shocks may damage the components.

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Carefully turn the laptop over.
  • Carefully turn the laptop over.

  • Switch each of the battery latches to the "unlocked" position.

  • Pull battery upwards by the tab to remove from the laptop.

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  • Remove the two 5.5mm screws that secure the base cover to the computer's base.

  • Using the plastic opening tool, carefully pry open the base cover starting from the center.

  • Lift the base cover upwards to remove and set it aside.

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  • Disconnect the antenna cables from the wireless card.

  • Push the securing tab to release the wireless card.

  • Slide the wireless card out of the wireless-card slot.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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