The Dell Inspiron 3520 has a basic keyboard that is easily accessible from the open surface of the notebook. The 3520 model does not have a keyboard backlight. This makes the keyboard much simpler to remove. Keep in mind that this will require some force on the repairers part.

Turn off notebook
  • Turn off notebook

  • Set the notebook upside down with the battery facing away from you.

  • Locate the unlock and release sliding tabs on the bottom right and left hand corners of the battery respectively.

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Slide the right tab to the right to unlock the battery.
  • Slide the right tab to the right to unlock the battery.

  • Slide and hold the the left tab to the left to release the battery from the unit.

  • Finally, remove the battery by sliding it away from the unit and yourself.

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  • Locate the four tabs along the top edge of the keyboard.

  • Using the spudger, push the tabs away from the keyboard and pull the keyboard up away from the laptop.

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  • Slide the keyboard forward towards the screen to release the bottom tabs.

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  • Carefully lift the board up and locate the connecting cable.

  • Gently pull the end of the cable free from the port on the laptop.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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