This guide will help you if you want to put in a new hard drive or if you have a broken one that you need to replace on a Dell Inspiron N5030.


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Turn the computer over on its back so the battery compartment faces towards you.
  • Turn the computer over on its back so the battery compartment faces towards you.

  • Place your fingers on the small buttons with arrows pointing outwards.

  • Push and slide the buttons outward to unlock the battery compartment.

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Grab the battery and pull it towards yourself.
  • Grab the battery and pull it towards yourself.

  • Remove the battery.

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  • Use a Phillips #0 screwdriver to unscrew the sixteen 0.6 mm screws on the back panel.

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  • Flip over the laptop and open it so that the screen faces you.

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  • Use the plastic opening tool and your fingers to pry off the top panel.

  • Pry the panel off starting at any one of the corners and then continue around the edges of the computer.

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  • Be careful when lifting off the keyboard panel. There are multiple delicate cables connecting the panel to the motherboard.

  • Pull up on the blue plastic tab connected by the white strip to unhook the keyboard panel from the motherboard.

There is a ribbon cable, another cable with blue tab and a connector that all has to be unhooked before the keyboard comes off.

Nancy - Antwort

You are not right!!!

YY W -

Step 4 A,

Remove keyboard before removing cover, small flat blade along top edge of keyboard will work.

then you will have access to ribbon cable (flip latch to release) for keyboard and also cable for touchpad (lift edge to to release)

also allows for reassembly

Todd - Antwort

Yes that's 100% right if not you can tear all wires. Ifixit please update in main instructions....

YY W -

  • Flip up the small locking flap on the keyboard cable ZIF socket and disconnect the keyboard ribbon cable.

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  • Pull up on the wire tab with the blue, white, black, and red wires to detach the speakers from the motherboard.

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  • Remove the top keyboard panel.

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  • Position your fingers on two sides of the hard drive in the bottom right corner of the computer.

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  • Firmly push and slide the hard drive toward the right side of the laptop.

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  • Lift and remove the hard drive from the laptop.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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It is better and easier to take the keyboard out first to enable safe removal and fitting of the keyboard ribbon cables, Lever panel out once screws are removed as described above. However thanks for the pointers!

Charles Mott - Antwort

The connector in step 7 is actually the connector for the speakers. The keyboard connector is the long white one with the brownish top which appears to be open in the photo. The keyboard cable is a flat wide cable that fits in the connector. In the photograph the keyboard cable has already been removed.

James Sanders - Antwort

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