Replacing the display is difficult because there are delicate cables that need to be manipulated.

  1. Flip your laptop over to view the bottom and locate the two locks.
    • Flip your laptop over to view the bottom and locate the two locks.

  2. Slide the two locks away from each other.
    • Slide the two locks away from each other.

    • Sliding these locks will loosen the battery to allow removal.

    • Pull battery out of the laptop.

    • Your laptop's battery should be completely removed.

    • Flip laptop right side up and open

    • Insert flat side of spudger gently along inside of screen and screen surround.

    • Work your way around the screen carefully releasing the screen surround from the lid.

    • The screen surround is held in place by delicate plastic clips, so don't use too much force.

    • Unplug the cable from the camera.

    • Unscrew the six screws attaching the display support frame to the laptop lid. Lower lid to desk.

      • The lid still has the WIFI antenna connected to it.

    • When reassembling, plug the cable to the camera first, then screw in the lid.

    • Unplug the cable from the display.

      • This cable has delicate wires that can easily break. It is glued to the back of the display, but can be carefully peeled away.

    • The plug is held in on the sides with two clips. Gently pull on the each side of the cable to remove it from its connector.

    • For this part, it is easiest to use a magnetized screw driver.

    • Unscrew display from display hinge/support bracket. There are two screws on each side.

      • Unscrew the bottom screws first.

      • Unscrew the top screws while holding onto the screen with your other hand so it doesn't fall.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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i cant figure out how to take off the cable to the display help

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in step 4


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This should be listed as "easy", and time taken around 10-15 minutes.

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Agreed should be labeled easier. 10-15 minutes

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