If your laptop overheat, you must open it and clean the Heat-Sink system. This video will show you how to do this.

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  1. Switch-off the laptop and remove the battery.
    • Switch-off the laptop and remove the battery.

    • To remove the keyboard lift it from one side by using cutter. Now open 4x locking clips at the upper side on the keyboard.

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  2. Open the keyboard flex cable connector and remove the KB.
    • Open the keyboard flex cable connector and remove the KB.

    • Open the RAM memory cover.

    • The DVD drive is held by one screw. After unscrewing, you can remove the drive.

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    • 12x screws M 2,5x5,0

    • 4x screws M 2,5x5,0

    • Power switch cable connector

    • Mouse pad cable connector

    • Hot keys cable connector

    • After removing all the screws and opening all the connectors, you can remove the upper case.

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    • Eject the Card Reader Blanking Plate.

    • Disconnect the LCD display flex cable.

    • Disconnect the WiFi and Bluetooth coaxial cables.

    • The LCD display hings are held by 4x M 2,5x5.0 screws.

    • Now you can remove the LCD display module.

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    • Unscrew 5x M2.5x5.0 screws.

    • Disconnect the Loudspeakers cable connector.

    • Remove the Daughter Bluetooth board.

    • Start removing the mother board by lifting from the right side (near to the DVD drive connector).

    • Be careful, there are connectors between mother board and another two additional small boards (charging port board and USB connectors, WiFi card slot board).

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    • Remove the Hard Disk drive.

    • Disconnect the Fan cable connector.

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    • Remove the Heat Sink system.

    • Clean the cooper contact surface.

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    • Disassemble the Heat Sink system to clean the fan and the radiator from inside.

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    • Clean the old thermal paste / compose from the CPU.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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